Front Door Marketing Campaigns Increase Policyholder Conversions with Direct Appeal to Consumers

Drive-to-Web Offers Improve Insurance Companies' Direct Response ROI by Reducing Quote Form Abandonment

Mar 01, 2011, 08:00 ET from PowerDirect Marketing

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Mar. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- PowerDirect Marketing today announced growing client demand for its innovative front door marketing capabilities, supporting increased policy generation for insurance companies by directly engaging and converting customer prospects. Significant advances in targeting allow marketers to pinpoint the most promising households and high growth markets, allowing providers to communicate effectively with both print and 'drive-to-web' offers.  This scientific approach is a standard feature of all PowerDirect programs, including campaigns created for Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and other multicultural groups, and is based on leading edge geo-demographic, behavioral and lifestyle clustering segmentation tools.

"Marketers face the challenge of satisfying the continually evolving insurance needs of their clientele, and appealing to their innate desires for safety, security and peace of mind," said Barry Gilbert, vice president of marketing, PowerDirect. "Messages must resonate in a deeper, more personal way, and connect with customers for the long-term with products and offers relevant to their life stage.  The front door is uniquely suited to this effort, extending brand messaging and reputation with highly targeted offers and incentives that drive ROI."

Insurance advertising is at an all-time high, according to a J.D. Powers & Associates' report confirming $4.15 billion spent in 2009, or more than double industry figures for 2000. This includes direct marketing, and is driven by an important shift in market dynamics.  Rather than use traditional insurance agents, millions more consumers are using online resources to seek quotes for rates and services. J.D. Powers & Associates' 2010 Insurance Shopping Study confirms that 48 percent of millennials (the 76 million individuals born between 1977 and 1992) turn to the Internet first, as compared to only 28 percent of baby boomers. Where insurance companies once marketed through agents, today they are focused on appealing directly to these consumers through an uncluttered channel.

Leading insurance firms such as Allstate, Anthem Blue Cross, Nationwide Insurance and Safeway Insurance are leveraging front door marketing to generate powerful results in acquisition, retention, cross-sell and upsell programs.  Targeting strategies incorporate in-house and third-party data to effectively define multicultural audiences or consumers that require a specific type of plan or service. PowerDirect's assumptive data modeling further identifies "look alike" prospects whose demographic or behavioral profiles mimic those of best-performing customers and targets these prospects down to the block-group level.

PowerDirect's front door campaigns also exclusively support drive-to-web options for insurance providers.  After prospects enter their name and zip code, PowerDirect's data interface pulls real-time information from national consumer databases, generating personalized pages and content. Screens are populated with imagery, copy and offers designed to motivate completion of a quote form, stimulating additional 1-800 agent calls and email inquiries, as well as creating a qualified-responders list for future remarketing programs.

PowerDirect's scientific approach has turned an underutilized tactic into a strategic channel that allows insurance brands to bypass a crowded field of competitive messages and meet their best customers at the door.  This highly-targeted medium is being used in a wide range of industries to deliver compelling direct response offers and is, in some cases, exceeding an impressive 20 percent response rate.

PowerDirect executives will be on hand to discuss front door marketing strategies for the insurance industry at the 8th Advanced Insurance Direct Marketing Forum 2011 on March 7th and 8th at Loews Annapolis Hotel, Annapolis, Maryland. To schedule an appointment at the show, please contact Jack Nemeth at (949) 253-3455.

About the Science of Front Door Marketing

Incorporating quality at every phase, PowerDirect executes front door marketing campaigns featuring targeted consumer profiling and geo-targeting, nationwide distribution, and guaranteed delivery auditing via GPS technologies. Strategic thinking and a scientific approach are deeply ingrained in the operations and data analytics used to define targeted recipients, developed by combining customer data with syndicated data from high profile sources such as MRI, Simmons, Nielsen Claritas and Experian.  Precision targeting is supported by superior execution, auditing, monitoring and metrics.  PowerDirect's scientific, technology-based approach enables a valuable strategic channel for Fortune 500 brands – hand placing an impression of quality in a location where residents interact with the message and have a high percentage of response.

About PowerDirect

PowerDirect offers technology-based front door marketing services and strategies, developed to influence consumers through the uncluttered and highly-targeted environment of the front door.   Nationally or neighborhood by neighborhood – advertising, coupons, product samples and promotional messages are delivered directly to the right door at the right time. Innovated as the 'Science of Front Door Marketing,' PowerDirect achieves measurable results for its major brand clientele through technology-based processes and proven direct response tools and methodologies.  PowerDirect's Fortune 500 brand and agency clients have access to relevant creative, precision targeting, superior execution, auditing, and verified delivery information.  For more information, call 877-737-8977 or visit  


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