Frum Jews Celebrate Victory for Torah in New York's Ninth Congressional District

Sep 14, 2011, 17:43 ET from Community Guardians Group

KEW GARDENS HILLS, N.Y., Sept. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Robert Turner secured a win in the race for U.S. Congress in a New York City district that was historically Democratic. The event was counted by a local grassroots voters group as a victory for the name of Hashem Almighty and the honor of Torah.

Mr. Turner, a Republican, prevailed over Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin in a district where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by three to one. The seat has been held by Democrats consistently for decades.

Mr. Weprin could have expected the hearty support of the large percentage of Orthodox Jewish voters in the district. However, during the past legislative session, Mr. Weprin chose to vote in favor of enacting same-sex marriage in New York. The move triggered outrage in the Orthodox communities, who hold that intimate relations between two men or two women are reprehensible, for Jews and for gentiles.

"We thank Hashem Almighty for taking back the honor due to His Name," said Dovid Z. Schwartz, director of the Community Guardians Group (CGG). "We look forward to seeing the corruption and lies that parade as truth get wiped away by greater recognition of the preciousness of Torah. We congratulate Mr. Turner and wish him the best success in representing our district."

The CGG publishes a voter's guide for the Orthodox Jewish communities. Mr. Schwartz said that when the CGG gave its endorsement to Mr. Turner, he personally relayed to Mr. Turner a message regarding the key matter in the race. None of the issues raised by Mr. Turner's campaign, from the borders of the state of Israel, to the economy, to the President's health care plan, would have caused the Orthodox Jewish communities to go against their brother, if it were not for the fact that Mr. Weprin first went against the Torah.

Over 40 Orthodox rabbis signed a statement stating that Mr. Weprin's cavalier disregard of the eternal moral values of the Torah, in voting for same-sex marriage, made it wrong for Orthodox Jews to vote for Mr. Weprin. The list includes some of the greatest acknowledged Torah scholars of the generation and heads of the most distinguished yeshivos, across a wide spectrum of Jewish communities, from yeshivish, to chassidic, sephardic and modern orthodox.

The Torah that was given to the Jewish people by Hashem Almighty also contains a subset of laws for all human society referred to as the Seven Laws of Noah. Although the rulings of the greatest Orthodox rabbis have no legislative force on the secular society, until recently the United States had respected the principles of the Torah as the bedrock of its own society as well.

Hashem Almighty created a world where He allowed the powers of corruption to get the upper hand. But not only is He the Creator of the World, He's also the ruler at all times. It's only a matter of time before He takes back the honor that's owed to Him by punishing those who rebel against His rule.

The Community Guardians Group is a grassroots voters organization dedicated to promoting the eternal values of the Torah in the public forum. For more information, and for analysis of current trends in the Guardian's Report, please visit us at . Contact, Dovid Z. Schwartz, Director, CGG, (917) 680-6632.

SOURCE Community Guardians Group