Fuel Cells in Asia Pacific

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Fuel Cells in Asia Pacific


Fuel Cell Technology Innovations, Market Trends, and Forecasts: Stationary, Transportation, and Portable Power Applications

In the Asia Pacific region, fuel cell technology has gained a great deal of momentum and is being employed in an ever-increasing array of applications – from enabling high-efficiency homes, decarbonizing transportation, and cleaning up ports to reducing energy dependence on oil-producing nations and increasing resilience in energy networks.

In the stationary fuel cell sector, Japan and Korea have had projects in place for a sufficient length of time and achieved several milestones with regard to proving the technology and its business feasibility. In the case of residential combined heat and power (resCHP), Japan began offering commercial solutions with the ENE-FARM project in 2009 and Korea has followed suit with trials for its Residential CHPs Monitoring Project. With the national technology innovation program as part of its Five-Year Plan, China has been driving fuel cell research through government, academia, and enterprises, and for the most part, the country is focusing its efforts on fuel cell transportation. The consumer electronics market also holds enormous potential for portable fuel cells across the Asia Pacific region; however, market development is proceeding slowly.

This Pike Research report provides insight into fuel cell industry dynamics, market trends, and technology innovations for three main sectors: stationary fuel cells, fuel cell vehicles, and fuel cells for portable power applications in the Asia Pacific region, concentrating on China, Japan, and Korea. Market forecasts through 2017 are included for unit shipments and revenue, segmented by key countries and application areas.

Key Questions Addressed:

-What is the current state of the stationary fuel cell, fuel cell vehicles, and portable power application sectors in Asia Pacific?

-What is the market growth potential for the stationary, fuel cell vehicles, and portable power application sectors in Asia Pacific between now and 2017?

-What are the technology innovations and development directions driven by Japanese and Korean fuel cell players?

-What is the status of fuel cell vehicle technology in terms of meeting commercial, technical, and cost targets?

-What are the development strategies and business issues related to China's initiatives in the fuel cell transportation space?

-Who are the key fuel cell industry players in the stationary, transportation, and portable power sectors?

-Which fuel cell technologies are being developed for portable applications in Asia Pacific?

-What is the revenue potential for the stationary, transportation, and portable fuel cell market through 2017?

Who needs this report?

-Fuel cell developers

-Fuel cell supply chain companies

-Utilities and independent power producers

-Commercial and industrial energy users

-Vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers

-Battery manufacturers

-Hydrogen infrastructure providers

-Electronics manufacturers

-Government agencies

-Military agencies

-Investor community

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