Fuisz Tobacco Announces Patent Allowance for New Tobacco Pouch System to Improve Satisfaction

May 22, 2013, 08:00 ET from Fuisz LLC

MIAMI, May 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Fuisz LLC announced today that it has received a notice of allowance in connection with US patent application (serial number 12/874,632) entitled: "Bioactive Dose Having Containing a Material for Modulating pH of a Bodily Fluid to Help or Hinder Absorption of a Bioactive."  The allowed claims are directed to a rapid release coating on a tobacco pouch, where the rapid release coating release a buffering agent to modulate the local pH to maximize absorption of nicotine from tobacco.  The rapid release coating may be applied through a variety of manufacturing methods, such as dip or spray coating.

Joseph Fuisz, Managing Member of Fuisz Tobacco, commented:  "We are pleased with this recent patent allowance.  This invention offers a highly effective method to speed up nicotine absorption from a tobacco pouch.  The patented system is both organoleptically desirable and easily manufactured without incremental expense."

"The speed of nicotine absorption is increasingly recognized by the tobacco harm reduction community as an important factor to enable adult smokers to successfully transition to less harmful, smokeless products."

"We anticipate licensing this newly allowed art to an established tobacco company in the smokeless arena."

"Richard Fuisz and I are also pleased with this patent allowance that will represents our seventh new patent since October 2011, across as many diverse fields of technology".

Noted pharmaceutical inventor Richard Fuisz, M.D., is the founding partner of Fuisz LLC (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Fuisz).

Fuisz LLC is a private company operated by the Fuiszes.  The Fuiszes have made substantial contributions in tobacco harm reduction as well as drug delivery.  Their inventions include orally dissolving tablets and novel particle coating systems at Fuisz Technologies; inventing and developing thin film drug delivery technologies at Kosmos Pharma and MonoSol Rx, as well as independently developing extruded sheet technology.  The Fuiszes are also active in diagnostic systems. The Fuiszes have extensive experience working with big and specialty pharma and with major consumer products companies. www.fuisz.com.