Fuller and Rounded Look - Discover the Secret of RELLECIGA Lace Bikini Series with Scrunch Bottom

Mar 08, 2013, 09:00 ET from GiftForSexy.com

HONG KONG, March 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- When many people think of affordable swimwear, they think of the cheap bikinis sold at discount stores. Unfortunately, most of the bikinis found in discount stores ball up in the crotch area because they're made of inferior fabrics. Those looking for a great suit on a budget have limited choices: they can make their own bikinis, which is not easy; or for nearly the same cost and with far less trouble they can buy one from RELLECIGA (RC for short). One needn't be an expert seamstress or even own a sewing machine to have a cute suit. Most of RC's bikinis on the market use the same Lycra and spandex materials used by the top swimwear designers, and they are designed to fit an individual's measurements.

The newly introduced RC lace bikini series offers a scrunch bottom design. What is scrunch bottom? Think of scrunch bottom as a bra for your butt. It is an innovative design that helps lift and contour the bikini to one's skin. With other bikini bottoms, the weight of the water pulls the bottoms down, resulting in a saggy look. The RELLECIGA scrunch bottom fixes this problem by contouring to the body for nice curves in and out of the water.

The side tie bottoms are made with lace, with shirring at the center back. Combined with the elastic scrunch feature of the bottoms, the effect is to create a heart-shaped booty. In addition, the ties are secured inside for an even sexier, line-free look.

Besides bottoms, the bikini tops of RELLECIGA's lace bikini series are also carefully made. Every spring and summer, people are desperate to get a swimsuit from them. This year, they will certainly not miss the up-to-date lace fashion, especially the lace bikinis from RC, which are gorgeous, stylish and NOT expensive.

Lace is a material that can be found at all kinds of stores and brands – every price point has lace. Beach Bunny, Victoria's Secret, DOLL and RELLECIGA are always one step ahead of the fashion trends with incredibly stylish designs. That's the very reason people so adore their bikinis, tankinis and one-pieces.

But lace is a complicated fabric to wear. One must ensure that other elements fit well, as lace pulls across the body when an item is too tight. This material is beautiful and rich, particularly in the Neon/Coral Red that RC comes in, or in "jewel" tones. However, during these hot months, a classic lace shift dress or lace camisole might be particularly flattering with summer skin and highlights. When by the pool, a bikini with some lace overlay or a sweet eyelet lace detail is the perfect mix of cute, sexy, and fun.

The real good of an RC Lace Bikini shows, first, that the designer of it had a pretty fancy; next, that the maker of it had fine fingers; lastly, that the wearer of it has worthiness or dignity enough to obtain what is difficult to obtain, and common sense enough not to wear it on all occasions.

RC Lace Bikinis are really great, but some may ask, are they expensive? No Way! Don't worry about the "price" thing any longer, because RELLECIGA is about to shock customers with surprises, both in price and style.

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