Functional Inkjet Inks for Digital Fabrication Applications -2011

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Functional Inkjet Inks for Digital Fabrication Applications -2011

The report quantifies the future revenues from the fluids used in jetting industrial prototypes and 3-D models, automotive components, printed circuit boards (PCBs), MEMS, security printing, smart textiles, electronic displays, smart packaging and RFID tags, ceramics, photovoltaics and biochips.  

The report provides eight-year projections (both volume and value) of inks used in such applications, with break outs by ink type, printer technology and world region.  Inks covered comprise aqueous, solvent, ultraviolet/electron beam (UV/EB), hot melt/phase-change and oil-based.  The break-out by printer technology covers continuous printing, piezoelectric, thermal and valve jet.

This report identifies both immediate opportunities for functional jetting inks and longer-term one and the strategies that are being used to capitalize on these opportunities.  Among the firms discussed in this report are Agilent, Bayer, Cambridge Display Technology, Cima NanoTech, Dai Nippon Printing, Dow Corning, DuPont, Fujifilm Dimatix, Hewlett-Packard, Kovio, Methode, Microfab, Mitsubishi, Objet Geometries, Samsung, Sartomer, Source Technologies, Sun Chemical, Teijin, Seiko Epson, VTT, Xaar, Xennia, Xenon and Z Corporation.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary       

E.1 Emerging Opportunities in Functional Inkjet Ink

E.1.1 Opportunities for Specialty Chemical Companies and Ink Makers

E.2 Opportunities for Materials Firms and Makers of Functional Inks in the Printed Electronics Space

E.2.1 Metallic Inks

E.2.2 Silicon Inks

E.2.3 Organic Inks

E.3 Opportunities for Bioinks and Other Inks in Medical Devices and Implants

E.3.1 Arrays and Biochips

E.3.2 Biosensors

E.3.3 Regenerative Medicine

E.4 Opportunities for Materials and Inks Suppliers in Emerging Digital Manufacturing Applications

E.4.1 Factors Shaping Ink Opportunities for Jetted Manufacturing

E.4.2 Types of Materials that Present an Opportunity

E.5 The Investment Picture for Functional Jetted Inks

E.6 Summary of Eight-Year Market Forecasts

Chapter One: Introduction

1.1 Background to this Functional Inkjet Ink Opportunities Report

1.1.1 The "New" Printed Electronics and the Ink it Needs

1.1.2 Inks and Jetted Bio-devices:  From Test Strips to Organ Printing

1.1.3 Inks for printing on Non-Standard Substrates:  Tiles, Textiles and Beyond

1.1.4 Inks for 3D Printing:  New Life for Manufacturing

1.1.5 Inkjet and Fluid Micro-dispensing:  Not Quite Printing

1.1.6 Functional Fluid Making Opportunities for Inkjet

1.2 Objective and Scope of this Report

1.3 Methodology

1.4 Plan of this Report

Chapter Two: Current and Future Jetted inks for Functional Printing and Digital Printing

2.1 Introduction:  The Basis for the Analysis in this Chapter

2.2 Metallic Inks

2.1.1 Conductive Silver and Nanosilver Inks

2.1.2 Gold and Nanogold Inks

2.1.4 Copper Inks

2.1.5 Other Metallic Inks

2.2 Carbon and Nanocarbon Inks

2.3 Organic Inks

2.3.1 Conductive Polymers, Oligomers and Inkjet

2.3.1 Jetted Materials for Organic Electronics:  OLEDs and OPV

2.4 Silicon Inks

2.4.1 Innovalight

2.4.2 Kovio

2.4.3 NanoGram

2.4.4 Seiko Epson

2.5 Thermochromic/Photochromic Inks

2.5.1 Thermochromic Inks

2.5.2 Photochromic Inks

2.6 Inks from Biological Materials

2.8 Key Points in this Chapter

Chapter Three:  Market Drivers, Applications and Ink Requirements for InkJet-Based Digital Fabrication

3.1 The Role of Functional Inkjet in Organic and "Printed Electronics"

3.1.1 Display and Lighting Applications

3.1.2 Sensors and Inkjet

3.1.3 RFID, Smart Packaging and Inkjet

3.1.4 Photovoltaic Applications

3.1.5 Types of Inks Used and Ink-Related Opportunities

3.2 Traditional Semiconductor Industry Applications for Functional Inkjet

3.2.1 Circuit Board Manufacture

3.2.2 MEMS

3.2.3 Types of Inks Used and Ink-Related Opportunities

3.3 Inkjet as 3-D Printing

3.3.1 The Role of Inkjet in 3D Printing

3.3.2  Inkjet, Rapid Prototyping and Modeling:  Inks and Fluids Used

3.3.3 Inkjet and the Concept of Customized Manufacturing

3.3.4 Inkjet and Desktop Manufacturing

3.4 Biomedical Fabrication Applications and Inkjet

3.4.1 Test Strips

3.4.2 DNA Arrays and Biochips

3.4.3 Biosensors and Other Medical Sensors

3.4.4 Regenerative Medicine

3.5 Automotive Industry Component Applications for Functional Inkjet

3.5.1 Gauge Clusters, Ornaments and UV Inks

3.6 Jetting of Optical Devices and Waveguides

3.7 Inkjet and Security Printing

3.7.1 Banknotes/Currency

3.7.2 Types of Inks Used and Ink-Related Opportunities

3.8 Jetting Textiles

3.8.1 Types of Inks Used and Ink-Related Opportunities

3.9  Jetting Ceramics

3.9.1 Types of Inks Used and Ink-Related Opportunities

3.9  Jetting Adhesives

3.10 Key Points in this Chapter

Chapter Four: Eight-Year Market Forecasts of Function Inkjet Inks

4.1 Forecasting Methodology and Assumptions

4.1.1 Sources of Information

4.1.2 Methodology

4.1.3 Point Forecast and Alternative Forecasts

4.1.4 Technical Issues Considered in the Forecast

4.1.5 Regional/Geographic Assumptions and Distinctions

4.1.6 Pricing and Margin Assumptions

4.2 Worldwide Functional Inkjet Ink Revenue by Ink Type and Printing Technology

4.2.1 Ink Market Breakout by Type of Printer

4.3 Worldwide Functional Inkjet ink Revenue by Application

4.4 Worldwide Functional Inkjet Ink Revenue by Region

Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report

About the Author

List of Exhibits

Exhibit E-1 The Five Functional Inkjet Applications Classes and the Inks They Require

Exhibit E-2 Worldwide Functional Jetted Ink Revenue by Ink Type 2011-2018 ($ Millions)

Exhibit E-3 Worldwide Functional Jetted Ink Revenue by Functionality 2011-2018 ($ Millions)

Exhibit 2-1 ANP Nanosilver Inks for Inkjet

Exhibit 2-2 NanoMas  Gold Ink Specifications

Exhibit 2-3 Characteristics of Organic Electronics Materials

Exhibit 2-4 Conductive Polymers in Roll to Roll Printing

Exhibit 3-1 Inkjet Materials Used in 3-D and Rapid Prototype Manufacturing

Exhibit 4-1 Worldwide Industrial Inkjet Fluid Average Pricing ($/Liter)

Exhibit 4-2 Worldwide Functional Ink Demand by Ink Type, (Liters)

Exhibit 4-3 Worldwide Ink Volume by Technology (Liters)

Exhibit 4-4 Worldwide Ink Revenue by Technology ($ Million)

Exhibit 4-5 Key Industrial Ink Jet Fluid Applications, Worldwide (Liters)

Exhibit 4-6 Worldwide Revenue by Application ($ Millions)

Exhibit 4-7 Worldwide Functional Ink Demand by Region  (Liters)

Exhibit 4-8 Worldwide Functional Ink Demand by Region  ($ Millions)

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