Fundacion MAPFRE Announces Call For Projects From Non Profit Organizations

Elected project will be supported with 30,000 Euros

Dec 01, 2015, 14:18 ET from MAPFRE

MADRID, Dec. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Fundacion MAPFRE has launched its first "Call for Projects, Forming Communities" which aims to support the development of international cooperation projects in several countries, now including the United States.

The call for projects is open to all non-profit organizations that support the development of programs impacting education, nutrition, health and access to the labor market.

The "Forming Communities" program is currently made up of 107 cooperation programs in 23 countries benefiting 105, 000 children and youth in poverty and social inclusion.

The public vote will elect the five best projects and later, a jury of experts, chosen by Fundacion MAPFRE, will select the winning project, which will receive a maximum of 30,000 euros to carry out its proposed activity.

Fundacion MAPFRE develops cooperation projects in countries where MAPFRE is present.

To submit a project or cast your vote, visit today.

For more information, contact Nuria del Olmo and Alejandra Fernandez, from the Corporate Communications Department of MAPFRE. Phone: (+34) 91 581 22 and (+34) 91 581 84 16 64. and