Fundraising Effort Launched for Indiana Woman in Need of Care

Charity drive seeks donations, offers raffle, to pay for special treatment at the Total Health Institute

Jun 04, 2013, 06:21 ET from Total Health Institute

WHEATON, Ill., June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- It was announced that a diamond ring raffle has been added to fundraising efforts benefitting an Indiana woman who is ill, and needs medical care. Proceeds from the raffle will go toward Sunny Sober's treatment expenses at the Total Health Institute (, in Wheaton.  Raffle ticket sales kicked-off at the recent Tumbleweed Benefit, which generated more than $650 for the cause. 


To date, several thousand dollars have been raised to benefit Sunny Sober, who suffers from malabsorbtion and other chronic medical conditions requiring immediate attention.  Word of mouth, social media and the recently announced 2-carat diamond ring raffle are each being used to mobilize donations for Sunny, who will apply the money toward treatment costs at the Total Health Institute, a Christian healing retreat run by Dr. Keith Nemec.

Dr. Keith Nemec, director at Total Health Institute, is responsible for a custom-tailored treatment plan targeting the cause of ill health instead of treating the effects, which are the named conditions.  Sunny's particular combination of conditions, include:  Intestinal obstruction, anemia, infection, hypoglycemia, and gastroparesis.  According to Nemec:  "Sunny's case underscores the importance of a total-wellness approach, where specific therapies are used to reinforce physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Malabsorbtion impacts all the major systems of the body, so bringing the whole being into balance is an important first-step toward wellness."  Sunny Sober will undergo a six-month outpatient program at the Institute. "We'll focus on balancing her nervous, hormonal, digestive and elimination systems and then instill long-range diet and lifestyle approaches that eliminate physical and mental/emotional blockages." 

As a result of her body's inability to properly absorb nutrients, Sunny is weak and underweight, suffering from fatigue, malnourishment, and exhaustion.  "My health issues have progressively gotten worse," said Sober.  "We are raising money so I can go to the Institute, where they have been successful treating chronic illnesses, like mine."  For those interested in helping, secure donation platforms have been established at GiveForward and  In addition to making straight donations, visitors to Sunny's fundraising pages are able to purchase raffle tickets, for chances to win a diamond ring being given away.  Saving Sunny Diamond Giveaway tickets are also available at Baeslers Market, in Terre Haute, IN.  "Our insurance doesn't cover the cost of the inpatient care I need," said Sober, "so we are counting on grassroots support. We are raffling a donated two-carat diamond ring, worth more than nine-thousand dollars." The Sober family has established a fundraising goal of $45,000.

About The Total Health Institute

The Total Health Institute is an integrative alternative treatment center in Wheaton, IL, that has been serving the community for almost 30 years.  At the Christ-centered Healing Institute, director Dr. Keith Nemec administers a proprietary approach to total wellness called "The Seven Basic Steps to Total Health."  Dr. Keith Nemec has published three books exploring the body, mind and spirit interconnection in total wellness.

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