FUSE Introduces Groundbreaking Interactive Lead Capture Forms

LeadFUSE Interactive Forms Replace Static Forms, Improve Effectiveness of Lead Generation Activities

Jun 17, 2010, 09:00 ET from FUSE Insight Labs

PORTLAND, Ore., June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- FUSE Insight Labs today announced the availability of LeadFUSE, a simple and unique interactive form tool designed to replace static online lead capture and contact forms, which typically perform poorly. LeadFUSE interactive forms can be simply deployed via any customer-facing website, landing page or E-mail, breathing fresh life into lead generation activities and measurably improving lead quality and conversion rates.

"We were looking for a way to get pre-qualified leads to our resellers," said Mark Erickson, corporate account manager for Agilent Technologies. "We wanted to tell them not just who they should be talking to, but what to talk about when they made the call. LeadFUSE was the answer. We not only got more leads, but better leads and higher conversion rates." 

Rather than a static form with fields to be filled out, a LeadFUSE interactive form creates a dynamic conversation-like experience using FUSE's proprietary Intelligent Dialog technology. Each question presented is based on the respondent's answer to the previous question, allowing the form to branch into different areas. Because the experience mimics a dialog rather than a questionnaire, lead generation prospects are more engaged and more likely to submit information. LeadFUSE dialog forms in E-mail campaigns have achieved completion rates of up to 72%. Additionally, the resulting data offers a genuine profile of the prospect including his or her purchase intention, rather than simply a name and contact information.  

"Our goal was to create a simple lead generation tool that offers an entirely new way to engage prospects and understand their sales-readiness," said Thompson Morrison, CEO of FUSE. "Using a LeadFUSE dialog, organizations can double the number of leads captured and immediately determine the most appropriate follow up for each prospect based on the information submitted. Anywhere a static lead capture or contact form is used today, a LeadFUSE interactive form can vastly improve results."

LeadFUSE interactive dialog forms are customized for each situation and can be deployed on a website or landing page in seconds, simply by pasting one line of HTML code much like a YouTube video is embedded.  

LeadFUSE is available on a free trial-basis. To experience a demo and learn more, visit www.lead-fuse.com.

About FUSE Insight Labs

Since 1998, FUSE has been creating software and services that enable companies to listen to their customers on a deeper level, increasing the power of market research, lead generation, loyalty analysis and product configuration. For more information about FUSE and its Intelligent Dialog technology, please visit www.fuseinsight.com. For Thompson Morrison's popular blog "The Radical Ear," about how companies can listen better, please visit www.theradicalear.com.

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