Fuse Science and Macular Health Advance Commercial Formula into Clinical Study for AMD Sufferers

Jan 15, 2013, 09:00 ET from Fuse Science Inc.

MIAMI LAKES, Fla., Jan. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Fuse Science Inc. (OTCQB: DROP), (www.fusescience.com), an innovative consumer products and delivery technology company that is developing new, patent-pending technologies poised to redefine how consumers receive energy, medicines, vitamins and minerals, announced today that in furtherance of its planned licensing relationship with Macular Health, LLC, Fuse Science has developed a DROP formulation of Macular Health's macular degeneration nutritional supplement (currently marketed in capsule form) for immediate clinical studies  in conjunction with Macular Health.  Macular Health (www.macularhealth.com) is one of the leading manufacturers of macular degeneration nutritional supplements.  This study will hopefully further validate the efficacy of Fuse Science's DROP delivery technology for the treatment of Age-Related Macular Degeneration ("AMD").

There is no known cure for AMD, which is the leading cause of blindness in adults.  Each year 1.2 million of the estimated 12 million people afflicted with AMD will suffer severe central vision loss. AMD is caused by the breakdown of the macula of the eye, which typically occurs during the aging process. 

The clinical study will follow the same Multifocal Electroretinogram ("MERG") protocol that Macular Health used at the UAB Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, by John O. Mason, III. , M.D., using their capsule formula.  MERG researchers reported that the study established benefits for people taking Macular Health's capsule formulation, with an average of 16 percent improvement in retina function in only 12 weeks and 17 percent improvement in retina function after two years of taking the Macular Health supplement.  While there is no known cure for AMD, Macular Health's formulation is proven to help AMD sufferers slow the progression of vision loss.  The objective of this Fuse Science partnership is to improve upon these results through a DROP formulation of Macular Health's nutritional supplement.

"The goal for Macular Health is to continue to advance the benefits to AMD sufferers from taking macular degeneration nutritional supplements, thereby potentially slowing the progression of vision loss," said Macular Health's President, Jeffery McAnnally.  "We believe that Fuse Science's DROP delivery technology has the potential to improve patient compliance and improve overall outcomes as it's applied to current and future products."

The study will enroll AMD sufferers and evaluate the treatment of using a supplement therapy DROP, instead of a pill or capsule.  A  MERG will be given to patients prior to starting the therapy, then a repeat MERG will be given 12 weeks after completion of treatment.  The MERG test is absolutely objective so there is no chance of a placebo effect.  The study is being done at the UAB Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital by Dr. John O. Mason III, M.D.

"Our Company continues to make real strides in the application of our technology and Macular Health represents one of the first planned licensing efforts of our delivery system," said Jeanne Hebert, Vice President Marketing and Clinical Research.  "We have been able to successfully integrate the Macular Health formula into our DROP technology in under five months.  This showcases our speed to market and our team's ability to react in real time.  We anticipate many licensing relationships being established as part of our current licensing and M&A effort firmly under way, facilitated by Atlas Advisors."

About Macular Health
Macular Health (www.macularhealth.com) is the leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements for people suffering from macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the United States. Macular Health formulations are scientifically based on the AREDS formula and market a line of Macular Degeneration supplement therapies. These supplement therapies have demonstrated their proven efficacy in reducing vision loss of AMD sufferers.

About Fuse Science Inc.
Fuse Science Inc. (OTCQB: DROP), is an innovative consumer products holdings and delivery technology company based in Miami Lakes, Florida.  Fuse Science holds the rights to new, patent-pending technologies poised to redefine how consumers receive energy, medicines, vitamins and minerals.  The Company maintains the rights to sublingual and transdermal delivery systems for bioactive agents that can now, for the first time, effectively encapsulate and charge many varying molecules in order to produce complete product formulations which can bypass the gastrointestinal tract and enter the blood stream directly - all in a concentrated "DROP" form that is simply applied under the tongue.  The Fuse Science technology is designed to accelerate conveyance of medicines or nutrients relative to traditional pills and liquids and can enhance how consumers receive these products.  Information about Fuse Science is available online at www.fusescience.com and www.poweredbyfuse.com or by calling 305-503-FUSE (3873).

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