Future US Unleashes PC Gamer Digital on Steam

First-of-its-kind platform redefines consumer media experience

Delivers coverage in a format native to the gaming world's biggest digital marketplace

Sep 28, 2011, 09:00 ET from Future US

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's leading computer-gaming media brand is making its debut on the world's most important digital gaming platform, creating new ways for gamers to discover and improve and new ways for marketers to reach them.  Future US, a leading publisher of gaming and technology media properties, today launched the groundbreaking digital property, PC GAMER DIGITAL.  From the editors of the iconic and wildly popular PC Gamer magazine, and produced entirely in house using Future US' state-of-the-art multimedia development studio, PC Gamer Digital is a totally unique platform that lets PC gamers get inside games.  It is hands-on and interactive, using mechanics that gamers already know and use to explore games they're thinking of buying, and get better at games they're already playing.

Only available on Steam, this leading-edge platform provides relevant content directly to the 30-million-user market it is serving.  It allows for more elaborate and creative approaches as the products and technology evolve, using audience feedback to continually sharpen and refine the platform and feature set.

"We've built this new product to grow with the evolution of the gaming experience," said Kelley Corten, vice president games media, Future US "Steam is continuing to reshape the way developers work and publishers market, and with PC Gamer's new digital edition we're offering gamers a new kind of media experience and marketers a new way to reach this audience where they are at their most engaged and influential." 

PC Gamer Digital episodes will feature:

  • In-game walkthroughs of the hottest, most anticipated PC titles, long before the first gameplay videos are released
  • Winning strategy tools that teach players how to be better at their games not by watching or reading, but by doing
  • Interactive tutorials that let gamers learn at their own pace and understand how best to optimize their PCs for the performance or graphics quality they value
  • Exclusive studio tours that give fans never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes access to video game developer pioneers, giants and upstarts
  • Raw insight into the complex game development process, with real stories straight from the developers—all delivered through interactive interviews the user controls
  • Social functionality that enables gamers to connect with friends, Steam groups and PC players around the world

"For 16 years, PC Gamer fans have avidly read our take on the hottest PC games. Now, they'll actually engage with and get inside those games—with PC Gamer editors right beside them," added Kristen Salvatore, publisher/studio head, Future Studios.  "Instead of reading or watching, PC gamers can now actually see, hear and do things to enhance the skills they need to play their games better. They'll continue to be guided—in a more immersive way than ever—by the best editorial team in the business. No one knows more about helping gamers to get more out of their games than the editors at PC Gamer."

The first episode of PC Gamer Digital features:

  • Team Fortress 2 GameView – Explore a fully interactive walkthrough of one of this team-based shooter's toughest maps, with discoverable tips to give players expert insight on beating their opponents.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution Three-Way – See three PC Gamer editors play through the same level using three totally different styles—and offer commentary, keen strategic insights and the occasional snarky takedown on their compatriots' progress, while you determine which gameplay approach is the most effective.
  • Learn How to Dominate League of Legends - Which strategies will get you through a nasty firefight unscathed? Choose the right moves to progress through this learn-by-doing content game.  
  • Graphics Settings Demystified: Which settings are worth the performance hit? Our innovative slider comparison tool helps you decide what really makes a difference in-game.  
  • Direct Your Own Interview on Red Orchestra 2 - We grill Tripwire Interactive president Jon Gibson; you decide which answers you care about most.

Players can try PC Gamer Digital for free by downloading the free application from Steam at http://store.steampowered.com/app/92500. They can also download the application via the free Steam client, available at store.steampowered.com. New episodes of PC Gamer Digital will be available weekly for $1.99. The first episode is available for download at http://store.steampowered.com/app/92500, or via the Steam client in the PC Gamer Digital section of the store. New episodes can be purchased each week via either the Steam store or from within the PC Gamer Digital application itself.

PCGamer.com has a global web audience of over 3 million monthly unique users and has more than doubled its US web audience over the past year to 1.1 million monthly unique users.

About Future US

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