Futures Indicating Higher Open With Cyprus Deal in Sight - Volume Stock Trades Ahead of the Open: Goff Corp, Titan Pharmaceuticals, Fannie Mae, AMR Corp, Green Innovations

Mar 25, 2013, 09:56 ET from Clubpennystocks.com

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Futures were indicating a higher open on Wall Street this morning after a bailout package for Greece was put on the table which many investors had been hoping for.  Many believe that if the issues can be avoided in Europe things will go much better in the US markets, and they would be right. Shares in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had a wild ride last week giving off trading gains of 500%+ in the space of a week and volatility to the game also.  The stock traded hundreds of millions on the OTC market and investors are keen to see if we will see more trading action especially in Fannie Mae going into this week's trading.  We will keep you up to date as usual throughout the week ahead of the open.

Goff Corp was indicating a higher open on Wall Street along with the futures today after the stock traded substantial volume in Fridays trading session and moved higher once more after a small pull-back.  Goff Corp was higher in trading most days last week and the shares closed at a new high Friday around 0.37 cents per share.  We will be following shares of Goff this week to see if it can trade increased volume and a higher stock price.

AMR Corp is another example of a stock people had given up hope on and we have been covering for 2 months now.  During that time shares of AMR Corp have risen as much as 700% from top to bottom and it just goes to show you that recently with names like AMR Corp, Eastman Kodak, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac that there are plenty of profits to made by trading the OTC market if you are a prudent investor, or you're a member of http://www.clubpennystock.com.  Shares of AMR Corp moved lower to close down 4% in trading at an impressive $4.17 per share.

Shares of Research in Motion (NASDAQ: BBRY) is a large cap stock that we are looking at this week following the launch Friday of its new phone. The shares have been seeing plenty of trading action ahead of the launch of the new Z10 which there is much anticipation.  The stock is trading towards a new high and with the volume in Fridays trading looks like the stock will trade higher.  The company is rolling out its much anticipated new smart phone in AT&T stores nationwide this week.

Titan Pharmaceuticals traded heavy volume to close the week and also recovered in price by 35% going into trading this week.  The volume was also strong with Titan shares trading almost $8 million on the day going into the open on Wall Street today.

Finally Green Innovations closed lower by 4% and shares have been struggling over the last week to reach the levels they once were.  It has recovered before so we will keep tracing the name; however shares were lower on $8 million to close last week.

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