Fuzion Analytics releases PULSE 3.0

Jan 08, 2014, 16:09 ET from Fuzion Analytics

CARMEL, Ind., Jan. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Carmel-based Fuzion Analytics, an analytic services organization dedicated to serving the informational needs of the long-term care insurance industry, has now released the latest version of Fuzion PULSE 3.0 to clients as of December 31, 2013.

Fuzion Analytics developed the PULSE product to assist businesses in developing a clear understanding of both operational efficiencies and trend analysis of claims and other key functions. PULSE provides reports on all core operations via web-based dashboards.   

Fuzion's interactive dashboards and guided ad-hoc reporting provide actionable insights to help enhance existing business processes and optimize business decisions. Its PULSE solution provides reports on all core operations via a web-based portal, moving business intelligence to the front office. This cutting-edge technology allows companies to not only understand why certain events are happening, but also proactively influence future outcomes through innovative data analysis.

"We are very excited to release PULSE 3.0 to our clients," said Patrick Bogan, CIO for Fuzion Analytics. "With our latest features and enhancements, the user experience has been significantly improved to include state-of-the-art graphics, enhanced filtering options and improved performance for vast quantities of data. Clients are able to see the data that drives their business in ways they have never experienced before."    

Fuzion Analytics will be demonstrating its product features and services as a Diamond –level sponsor at the upcoming 2014 ILTCI conference in Orlando, Florida March 16 – 19th. The ILTCI conference is a national tradeshow, showcasing companies in the long-term care industry including insurers, insurance regulatory authorities, insurance educational institutes, actuaries and other groups with interest in long-term care Insurance. For more information about the conference, visit www.iltciconf.org.

About Fuzion Analytics
Fuzion Analytics is a data mining and analytic services organization dedicated to serving the informational needs of the long-term care insurance industry. Fuzion's cutting-edge technology delivers innovative data analysis, consulting and information infrastructure designed to improve carriers' claims experience, enhance operations management and reporting, reduce the incidence of fraudulent claims, and enable more accurate projections for decision management practices. To learn more about Fuzion Analytics, visit www.FuzionAnalytics.com.

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