Gaggle Launches Moodle Module

7 Gaggle Widgets now accessible through Moodle Module

Dec 21, 2010, 13:13 ET from Gaggle

BLOOMINGTON, Ill., Dec. 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Gaggle, the leading provider of safe online learning tools, announced today that they have created a Moodle Module that allows schools to add widgets to their Moodle pages. Widgets are small interactive versions of Gaggle's most popular tools including: the Email Inbox, Calendar, Digital Locker, Blog, Message Board, Homework Drop Box, and the Social Wall. Users can manage their email account, download locker files, edit a Zoho® doc and more, right from inside a Moodle page.

With the addition of Moodle Modules, Gaggle continues to provide teachers and students a way to teach, learn, and collaborate using the best communication tools with integrated safety and accountability.

"Many of our customers are starting to experiment with Moodle as a tool for virtual classrooms, but they still want the security of Gaggle's Web 2.0 tools," said Jeff Patterson, Founder & CEO of Gaggle. "With our Moodle Widgets, we can give them the best of both worlds. Schools can get online courses in Moodle plus the safe blended learning of Gaggle's online tools."

"Gaggle's Moodle Module lets districts take advantage of the benefits of both Moodle and Gaggle with a single login," explained Scott Wolf, Systems Support Engineer. "Students only have to remember a single user name and password for both services, and administrators only need to manage a single set of credentials."

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Gaggle is dedicated to providing safe online communication tools for schools, and has been a leading provider to school districts throughout the United States since 1998. Gaggle currently hosts over 4 million users in the US and 23 countries. The company is an expert in secure communications for schools and has developed proprietary technology and monitoring systems. Based in Bloomington, IL, Gaggle's collaboration tools are the winner of numerous education industry awards, including a finalist nomination for the prestigious CODiE awards in 2010 and recipient of a 2010 Technology & Learning Award of Excellence. For information, visit Gaggle at or call 800-288-7750.

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