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Jun 08, 2010, 11:00 ET from Gaggle

BLOOMINGTON, Ill., June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Gaggle, the leading provider of safe online learning tools, announced today the release of Gaggle Apps, their new collection of collaboration tools for K-12. The collection brings students and teachers the most anticipated Web 2.0 capabilities. This powerful addition to Gaggle's suite of collaboration tools is provided within a safe and secure online social learning environment that is accessible from home as well as school.

Gaggle Apps enables students and teachers to use popular 21st Century online resources for learning. The new collaboration suite is designed to help schools safely incorporate real world innovations in communication such as:

  • Gaggle Social Learning Wall – Similar to the most popular social networking experience, Gaggle provides profile based connections with sharing of content, text, and communication.
  • Gaggle SMS Texting – Provides safe teacher-to-student mobile texting, with all incoming and outgoing text messages filtered and logged thru the Gaggle SMS Gateway. Utilizing the Gateway individual cell numbers are protected with Gaggle's number only displayed.
  • GaggleTube YouTube access for your schools while still allowing your district to block direct access to YouTube content. All YouTube access is filtered and monitored by the tagging of videos and can be controlled at the teacher and student level.
  • Gaggle Office – Filtered online docs and spreadsheets powered by the award-winning Zoho office suite. Zoho features online presentations, spreadsheets and word processing with simultaneous editing and group collaboration.
  • Gaggle Integrated Calendar – Individual and shared calendars integrated with Gaggle's email and homework drop boxes.
  • Digital Lockers – Online file storage for students and teachers that now includes the new option of sharing documents and files within the school or district. Files are filtered for appropriate content and accessible from school and home.

"Gaggle provides schools a way for teachers and students to teach, learn, and collaborate with the best communication tools as well as the safety and accountability they need," said Jeff Patterson, Founder & CEO of Gaggle. "All of Gaggle's communication tools are designed specifically for K-12 schools. We provide high-quality tools, content monitoring and administrator controls that result in a safe, engaging and empowering experience for users."

About Gaggle

Gaggle is dedicated to providing safe online communication tools for schools, and has been a leading provider to school districts throughout the United States since 1998.  Gaggle currently hosts over 2 million users in the US and 57 countries. The company is an expert in secure communications for schools and has developed proprietary technology and monitoring systems. Based in Bloomington, IL, Gaggle's collaboration tools are the winner of numerous education industry awards, including a finalist nomination for the prestigious CODiE awards in 2010 and recipient of a 2009 Technology & Learning Award of Excellence. For information, visit Gaggle at or call 800-288-7750.

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