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LONDON, February 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ --

- Online Bingo Site Reveals February 27 as the Luckiest Day

    February 27 is officially the luckiest day, according to
who revealed in 2009 they gave away more prize money on that day than any
other last year.

    Top ten Luckiest Days

    1.  February 27
    2.  May 2
    3.  June 30
    4.  May 1
    5.  February 28
    6.  January 29
    7.  February 6
    8.  January 31
    9.  February 7
    10. January 24

The leading online bingo site, which pays out more than GBP65 million per month, also revealed that Julie and David were the luckiest names in 2009, closely followed by Susan and Paul.

To gain a further understanding of what factors contribute to making a person luckier in life, online bingo provider commissioned a poll and discovered one in three Brits would change their name by deed poll if it meant luck was guaranteed.

Additionally, nearly half of UK residents felt that their name had influenced their personality for the better.

    Top Ten Luckiest Names

    1.  Julie
    2.  Susan
    3.  Sharon
    4.  Janet
    5.  Margaret
    6.  David
    7.  Patricia
    8.  Christine
    9.  Linda
    10. Paul

Professor Geoff Beattie said: "Certain names such as Julie and David do seem to be perceived as luckier than others because they have more positive associations. If you have a name that's consistently seen positively then good things will happen to you and you will seem lucky. In other words, lucky names might well be those that have the biggest unconscious positive influence on those around us. Imagine the long-term influence of this positive halo effect - credit is given, even where credit may not be due."

In celebration of the results, and Gala TV will be hosting a series of lucky themed bingo games on Saturday (27 February). will be giving away GBP9k between 11.55am-11pm in its 'Lucky 7' bingo games and anyone calling a full house on a ball number ending in a 7 during the Gala TV live show (5pm-1am) will win a bonus of GBP77!

Lesley Hall, online PR manager at, said: "We hope that we can make February 27 as lucky as it was in 2009 and even more people who play bingo get the chance to become one of our 500,000 monthly winners."

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