Gamblit Gaming Unveils Innovative Platform Offering New Revenue Stream

Revealing 10 New Mobile Titles with Real Money Gaming Mechanics at Global Gaming Expo 2014

Sep 30, 2014, 11:01 ET from Gamblit Gaming

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Gamblit Gaming, leading technology provider for real money gaming in mobile games, today introduces their proprietary new platform to casino owners, operators and game developers.  The company is also offering the first hands-on demo of their mobile titles at Global Gaming Expo (G2E) which kicks off today through October 2 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas -- Gamblit Gaming booth #4423.  

"We're excited to tell the industry more about our new platform that is designed to engage consumers in a whole different way through fun, easy-to-play real money mobile games," said Eric Meyerhofer, CEO, Gamblit Gaming.  "We look forward to hearing the industry's reaction as we close in on the launch."

The games being demoed at G2E are a mix of Gamblit Gaming developed and partner developed games.  Following is the G2E line-up:

Gamblit Gaming Developed Games:

  • Dreadnought: A space-themed turn-based strategy experience that combines compelling game elements with a proven gambling mechanic. Players take turns guessing the location of their enemy's ships while destroying the alien fleet. Players must be strategic or suffer destruction. The game includes a 5 reel 3 line slot machine with a double or nothing bonus game that inserts essential digital virtual goods to continue gameplay.
  • Lucky Words: A turn-based multiplayer word game that challenges players to generate the most points. Think carefully! Each letter/word placement on the board has consequences. Featuring a themed gambling mechanic that spells out words to win money, players can also win game credits to buy power ups.
  • Police Pooches: A fun take on one of today's most popular game genres. A physics puzzle game where the Police Pooches battle their nemesis through history. When a Zombie Cat is destroyed, the player can wager to get power ups that grant the Police Pooches an edge in their never-ending battle against the Zombie Cat invasion.
  • Raze: A familiar turn-based strategy game where players seek to conquer the world while others try to stop the conquest. Players wager on dice outcomes as the battle unfolds. Players earn points to spend on in-game cards that replenish their armies or even sneak attack someone.
  • Bears: Based on a popular puzzle gameplay mechanic, help break up honeycombs to fill up your bear's honeypot. He's hungry! When your honeypot is full, the gaming action begins!
  • Pachinko Onslaught: The first game created specifically for next-generation touch tables that casinos are introducing. The two player game offers two ways to win: winning the game and how many gems are collected. When a player claims a jewel a real-time wager begins to determine where the money goes!

Partner Developed Games:

  • Hatching Dragons (Gamiker): A match-3 style game where players swap and match colored eggs. When matching 4 or more eggs, baby dragons hatch which have various egg-clearing powers. When golden eggs appear, players can use them as a wildcard in any match, triggering a themed wager event where a baby dragon sneezes fire at wooden knights.
  • Spinnr (Double Coconut Studio): A word puzzle game where players choose a category, spin a wheel for points and guess letters with the goal of solving the puzzle. When players select correct letters, a wager occurs and a real-money prize wheel spins. Spinner offers both a single player mode with 3 lives and multiplayer round-based gameplay with random players and friends.
  • Epic Slots Saga (NS Studios): An RPG slot machine where users play a slot machine to gain experience and level up through 6 zones. Players encounter powerful monsters and battle through a card mini-game, unlocking an arsenal of weapons and selection of avatars. As the character levels, players can upgrade their stats to challenge even stronger monsters.
  • Flex Slots (Flexball): An RPG that enables players to journey through exciting worlds as an avatar taking chances on slot machines as they explore. The game also includes two mini games, a gamble and a bonus which can appear while playing.

Gamblit Gaming's platform gives game developers access to real money gaming capabilities to enhance mobile games, tap into the lucrative online gaming and land-based casino markets and attract the high income consumer.  Developers can integrate a single SDK into their existing mobile games or design new, original real money games with Gamblit Gaming's development kit. Gamblit Gaming provides all of the technology, operations, account management, security, gambling licenses, regulations and compliance elements needed.  The company also helps casino operators deliver a new entertainment experience to not only attract new players, but retain existing players.  Through Gamblit Gaming, casino operators can compete on innovation while driving growth and revenue.

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