Gaming Partners International Corporation Expands Portfolio with New Innovative Products at G2E Trade Show in Las Vegas

Product demonstrations will be available at Booth #4441

Sep 23, 2013, 20:35 ET from Gaming Partners International Corporation

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Gaming Partners International Corporation (NASDAQ: GPIC), a leading provider of casino currency and table game products worldwide, has announced that it will showcase a variety of new products at the upcoming Global Gaming Expo (G2E) exhibition being held at the Sands Convention Center at the Venetian, September 24-26. Product demonstrations and information will be available at Booth #4441.


With a long-standing tradition of providing gaming operators with a full range of casino currency and table game products and solutions, the Company will demonstrate an array of offerings designed to provide casino operators expanded chip, plaque and jeton options and other products and solutions that can help maximize their table game performance. The highlighted products will include:

  • Currency Products
    • New Paulson Chip Features. Extending the design and identification possibilities of its popular Paulson clay chip brand, new mold and color options will be highlighted, including the ability to embed each chip's denomination in the mold.  This valuable feature assists in quicker chip validation and provides a higher level of chip security against counterfeiting.
    • Standard 4C-UV Designs. Making it possible for customers to incorporate 4C-UV into small run orders that don't require a custom design, new 4C-UV designs that extend the quick identification properties of this innovative ultra-violet security feature will be demonstrated.
    • B&G J3 Jeton. With its unmatched visual appeal and its extensive range of design and security feature options, the J3 allows for quicker and easier identification when in racks or stacks. Its innovative construction enables this unique product to offer customers the ability to include both RFID and EM detection in the same chip, an accomplishment that was not previously possible.
    • New B&G Plaque & Jeton Materials. The Company will also highlight its attractive range of new plaque and jeton material options that help expand these products' customization capabilities and enable easier differentiation between old and new chip sets.
  • Gaming Tables and Cards
    • Paulson Value Table.  Through innovative manufacturing and design, the Paulson Value table offers GPI quality and durability at a lower cost. Each table is manufactured with the same workmanship and wide range of material options as GPI's standard gaming tables, but provides casinos with a more economical option.
    • Paulson Plastic Cards. Perfect for use on table games with a high level of card handling, Paulson plastic cards are available in both standard and bridge size and in single deck or two deck poker sets.  Additionally, they offer the same customization options as both the Company's popular Paulson and Paulson PSV paper playing card products.
  • RFID Products & Solutions
    • RFID Tray Inventory Module (TIM).  An optional feature that works with GPI's Chip Inventory System (CIS), the Tray Inventory Module can be used with any of the Company's RFID chip trays. By automating manual tasks like table openings and closings, TIM provides operators with real-time table currency inventory and security monitoring while delivering critical time saving benefits.
    • RFID Plaque Box. The first of its kind, GPI's Plaque Box is an innovative RFID product that provides secure protection of the casino's highest value currency items while enabling real-time counting and movement details. With its ability to store and track dozens of variable size RFID plaques during game play, the Plaque Box can be installed next to a regular chip tray or installed with GPI's RFID Dual Chip Tray for maximum table currency accounting and efficiency.
    • RFID Dual Chip Tray. By providing real-time information of all chip movement and inventory activities, the Dual Chip Tray reduces game downtime caused by manual rack counts and can be integrated with a casino's management system via CIS to provide real-time information on table activity, chip inventory balances and more.

"G2E is a great opportunity for GPI to demonstrate our new and innovative currency and table game products," commented GPI President and CEO Gregory Gronau. "Our customers are constantly looking for new product innovations and for expanded product options to be more competitive, streamline operations and to differentiate themselves from their competition. Across the board, our G2E line-up addresses these needs."

Gronau continued: "Additionally, with the continued growing interest in RFID products and solutions that improve casino performance and efficiency, we are proud to showcase our latest enhancements like TIM and our RFID Plaque Box. Together, these time-saving products help operators maximize their table revenue by eliminating unnecessary game delays and providing more currency security at busy tables. Our products serve as a testament to our commitment to our customers and helping them improve their operational performance."

Rob Jackson, GPI's Vice President of Sales in the Americas, Europe and Africa added, "It is always exciting to announce additions to our product lines. With Paulson being the gaming chip of choice for our North American customers, we have added new mold patterns and colors to provide them added design and customization options. I am especially excited about our new molds that feature a chip's denomination, as this new feature will help operators more easily validate their currency and provide an additional security feature that will help deter counterfeiting. These additional selections provide our customers the most extensive suite of currency options available in the market."

About Gaming Partners International Corporation (GPIC) GPIC manufactures and supplies casino table games and equipment to licensed casinos worldwide. Under the brand names of Paulson®, Bourgogne et Grasset® and Bud Jones®, GPI provides casino currency such as chips, plaques and jetons; gaming furniture and accessories; table layouts; playing cards; dice; and roulette wheels. GPIC pioneered the use of security features such as RFID technology in casino chips and provides radio frequency identification device (RFID) solutions including chips, readers and displays. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, GPIC also has offices in Beaune, France; San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico; Atlantic City, New Jersey, Gulfport, Mississippi and Macau S.A.R., China. For additional information, please visit

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