Garages Stock Piling Batteries Ahead of the Anticipated Price Hike Need to be Vigilant of Self-Discharge, Says CTEK

Oct 21, 2011, 06:57 ET from CTEK

LONDON, October 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

With the price of wholesale batteries continuing to increase in-line with the price of lead, garages are being encouraged to stock-pile to maintain and even increases return on investment. However, without the correct battery maintenance procedures in place, garages run the risk of losing rather than making money, warns CTEK.  

When left unattended batteries naturally self-discharge which, unless rectified, will lead to battery failure through a process called sulphatio. Sulphation is when sulphur builds-up on the battery's internal plates, hampering and eventually stopping the battery from accepting and indeed giving out a charge and, is the biggest battery killer.

If garages stock-pile and don't quickly sell on the batteries, they must ensure that they employee effective battery charging processes to avoid potentially throwing money away, and it's easier, and cheaper, than many may think.

As well as its comprehensive range of smart battery chargers, CTEK also manufactures practical accessories and its Comfort Indicator provides a quick and simple means of identifying batteries that need charging. The accessory is attached to the battery via crocodile clips (or eyelets for a more permanent connection) and has three coloured LED lights, each indicating the current charges status of the battery.

A green light indicates that the battery is fully charged an needs no attention, orange indicates that the battery is in need of a charge to avoid the onset of sulphation, and a red light to indicate that the battery needs to be charged immediately to avoid complete battery failure.

Mikael Moberg, Sales Director Europe at CTEK, commented: "CTEK's Comfort Indicator comes into its own in a situation where a garage is stock-piling batteries. By attaching the Comfort Indicator to a battery, the user gets an immediate indication to the state of the battery and whether it needs to be charged. With the use of crocodile clips, multiple batteries can be checked in no time at all so garages needn't lose money by avoiding a situation where they have to discard batteries due to self-discharge."

Furthermore, the Comfort Indicator has been designed using the unique CTEK Comfort Connect system that allows it to be attached to the appropriate CTEK charger, enabling a direct charge to be delivered to the battery.

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