Gastric Sleeve Surgery Defeats Diabetes for Candy and Dessert Buffet Designer

Kim White shed her unproductive relationship with food, and her diabetes, thanks to a bariatric procedure with Dr. Michael Feiz

Nov 22, 2013, 16:06 ET from Dr. Feiz & Associates

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Lap band, gastric sleeve, and other procedures performed by Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. have helped many patients to erase the scourge of diabetes, but Kim White is one of the doctor's most dramatic recent success stories. A designer of candy and dessert buffets for weddings and other events, Ms. White's prediabetic state morphed into a case of full blown diabetes shortly before her gastric sleeve surgery. Just four days after, however, her diabetes had disappeared and she was well on the road to a new and much healthier life. Still, getting to that point had been a long struggle.

"Aside from all the diabetes medications they put me on the before the surgery, I was diagnosed with lupus and I was taking anti-inflammatories, water pills, arthritis pills – and I always had headaches so I was constantly taking Ibuprofen. I also had cholesterol issues and I was really concerned about strokes and heart attacks. I thought to myself, 'I'm going to be 50. I have a 20 year-old and I'd eventually like to see him have children, and the way that I'm going that's looking like a very big question mark,'" Ms. White said. 

Things had never been very easy for the busy professional and married mom, a lifelong yo-yo dieter. After a slip and fall injury made it impossible for Kim White to continue her career as a set painter for major Hollywood productions, she found her way into her present career as a designer and planner of candy and dessert buffets for events. Never an athlete, a more sedentary new job working with an array of gorgeous high calorie treats was obviously not going to improve her lifelong struggle with obesity and increasing blood sugar levels.  

A number of serious health issues faced by her relatively young parents underlined the seriousness of her situation. Keeping the cheerful disposition she needs for her work was getting difficult. "I'm selling people sweet stuff; I need to be a little bit like Santa Claus for what I do."

As of this writing, Ms. White is 53 pounds lighter, feeling vastly more cheerful, and has been able to stop taking nearly all of her medications – including the regular shots of insulin she was taking shortly before and after her surgery. Thanks to the success of her sleeve gastrectormy with Dr. Feiz, the improvement is dramatic. She chose the doctor after being very favorably impressed by one his free seminars and his outstanding reputation for success such surgeries as gastric sleeve and lap band in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

"I have to stay on guard, but the kind of appetite I had before is completely gone – it's like day and night. Also, people tell me I'm glowing, that my skin is amazing." Ms. White also marvels at how her energy level and attitude towards exercise – never a favorite activity – has changed. Some excess enthusiasm on machines at her gym led to a relatively mild flare-up of her sciatica, so she was told to continue exercising but to switch to lower impact activities. "I never thought when somebody told me I couldn't get on a treadmill for a while that I would sad about it!"

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