Gazelle Offers Tips For Good Etiquette For Cell Phone Courtesy Month and Beyond

As Cell Phone Courtesy Month Comes to a Close, Nation's Leading Trade-In Site for High-End Consumer Electronics Reminds Mobile Users How to Stay Courteous All Year Long

Jul 25, 2012, 10:20 ET from Gazelle

BOSTON, July 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- As cell phones and smartphones have become a bigger part of our lives, they've also caused us to develop some bad social habits that have the tendency to annoy everyone around us. During Cell Phone Courtesy Month, Gazelle (, the nation's leading trade-in site for high-end consumer electronics, has provided essential tips for good cell phone behavior to remember all year around. 

Cell phone courtesy goes beyond simply keeping your conversations short and voice level to a minimum.Gazelle's tips for year-round Cell Phone Courtesy include:

  • Keep personal and business details private by keeping them quiet. We've all seen (or known) the person who screams into his cell phone like it's a tin can connected to a string. While it's always a good idea to keep your voice down when talking on a cell phone in a crowded area, it's even more important when sensitive personal or business information is involved. The person next to you at the airport really doesn't want to hear about the ups-and-downs of your dating life, and revealing the details of that big business deal in the works could get you fired if it's overheard by the wrong person.
  • Don't insist on settling every argument by looking up the answer on your phone. While it's nice to finally be able to settle barstool debates in real time, it's best to avoid the urge to look everything up on your phone. Debate and discussion is fun, and nobody likes a know-it-all, anyway.
  • When at the gym, use your phone as a source of tunes, not as a way to conduct a meeting. Talking while on the treadmill or lifting weights is an easy way to get hurt – or make the bodybuilder next to you want to use you for arm curls. Avoid making calls at the gym, or, better yet, leave your phone in your locker.
  • Send a text instead of leaving a voicemail. These days, no one likes receiving voicemails.The next time you can't reach someone by phone, try the Gentleman's Maneuver: hang up before the beep and send a text instead. Chances are you'll get a response much more quickly that way.
  • Don't take your phone into the bathroom. A recent survey we conducted revealed that nearly 85% have used their phone while in the bathroom. Not only is this unsanitary practice off-putting to friends and co-workers, it can lead to unsightly damage caused by water… or something far, far worse.
  • Give your phone the protection it needs. Cell Phone Courtesy Month isn't just about being mindful of others when using your phone; it's also about taking good care of your phone itself. Be careful with your phone and purchase the right cover, case or screen protector to keep your phone free of scratches, nicks and water damage. This will not only keep your gadget functional and looking nice, it will protect its trade-in value.
  • When you're ready for an upgrade, trade in your old phone. Did you know that even though it might not be brand new, your phone still has value? Whenever you're ready for an upgrade, make sure you trade in your old phone. Not only is it courteous for the environment, the money you earn will have your wallet saying thank you, too.

"Being mindful of your phone and of others might seem like the obvious thing to do, but the ubiquity of smart phones has caused some less-than-courteous practices to spring up," said Anthony Scarsella, Gazelle's chief gadget officer.  "As the nation's leading trade-in site for high-end consumer electronics, we love smart phones, iPads and MacBooks. We want everyone to continue loving their consumer electronic devices by getting the most out of them . . .without making mortal enemies of those around us."

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