Geckoboard Wants to Kill Infomania

Jan 30, 2013, 09:05 ET from Geckoboard

LONDON, January 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Infomania is still a silent killer according to a white paper recently published by Geckoboard.

Geckoboard, the data communication tool launched in 2010, has released a report on the cost of infomania.

According to a Reuters research quoted on the report, "One-third of managers are victims of Information Fatigue Syndrome. 49% said they are unable to handle the vast amounts of information received and 43% think that important decisions are delayed and their abilities to make decisions are affected as a result of having too much information".

"Big data is an over-hyped term, there is a huge emphasis in data collection and analytics and very little attention to how increasing amounts of data are being communicated" Paul Joyce, CEO of the Geckoboard explained, "Information overload has a very costly impact on businesses and that cost can be dramatically reduced by implementing small changes in how information is displayed and distributed"

Geckoboard aims to raise awareness about Infobesity as a silent killer of productivity and effective decision-making. In the past 12 months the startup has carried out hundreds of interviews with customers who have successfully implemented real time dashboards in their organizations, and more than 90% have reported an improvement in decision-making and their ability to respond to changes faster.

In another research published by Nathan Zeldes and also quoted on the report, "for a typical knowledge-intensive company of 50,000 employees, Infomania causes a damage of about US$1 billion per annum". This impact is based on lost work time, reduced employee efficiency and job dissatisfaction.

The term Infomania has been around for decades. However, the full understanding of its implications is still unknown. To find out more about Infobesity and what you can do about it download the report here.

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