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ROC's Rearing of Progressive Prodigies

Jul 29, 2015, 11:00 ET from ROC (Real Office Centers)

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., July 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ROC and their brilliant offspring have continued to grow like weeds despite the political water crisis in California. ROC locations across Southern California are abundant with successful entrepreneurs and start-ups which continue to climb and reach new heights. Thanks to the support, nourishment and solid foundation ROC has created, the diverse and progressive mix of innovative clientele rise through the lattice of bureaucracy and have stepped into the full sunlight of entrepreneurial success along with spotlights in the news.

The proof is in the press, and ROC's prosperous environments have been credited as essential to the fruition and success of the unique and innovative clientele at each of ROC's elite and economically thriving locations. ROC is providing entrepreneurs with private offices and a large communal workspaces that fosters a creative and nurturing environment for their businesses to thrive.

ROC's innovative clientele continue to step into the limelight of success, many even becoming household names.

Tomorrow's technology is being developed and tailored today at any one of ROC's existing locations throughout Southern California and Hawaii. Want a hint from the future? There are 3 more Orange County ROC locations opening very soon!

Notable and thriving brand new technology that we have always needed is newsworthy. Just take a look at a couple of the progressive clientele based out of ROC in the news lately:

Zingy, a pet company, have facilitated an Uber for your dog(s). This safe and secure dog walking, pet-sitting, and coming soon potty break facilitators are available to schedule for a nominal fee right from your smart phone.

Curely, a proficient and comprehensive telehealth app, is headquartered out of ROC@TheVineOC and is aimed at putting health decisions and choices back into the hand of the patient. The app is available on both Apple and Android and even works in low signal strength areas in order to consistently offer access beyond just the US. This international and indiscriminate priority sets their app apart from other "telehealth" apps currently available.  

Buddy Truk is a long overdue app that finds willing and able and friends (or "Buddies") with trucks to help you move or facilitate the use of a truck, their truck, when needed. Needing to maintain your friendship with the pick-up truck guy just in case is no longer a requirement, tell him what you really think, you will always have a Buddy with a "truk" to help.

Zirx is the NBT snagging a spot from Uber, this on-demand car servicing and valet app is like your own chauffeur and valet service. Zirx takes care of everything auto related that is automatically a pain in the rear end such as finding parking, taking your car in for a service or oil change and they will even gas up your vehicle for you.

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