Gentherm's Advanced Thermoelectric Technology Featured in High-End Office Chairs

Initial Launch of Heated and Cooled Chairs Underway in Asian Market

Oct 17, 2012, 06:00 ET from Gentherm

NORTHVILLE, Mich., Oct. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Gentherm (NASDAQ-GS: THRM), the global market leader and a developer of innovative thermal management technologies, today announced that its advanced thermoelectric technology for actively heating and cooling is being featured in a new suite of high-end office chairs now being sold in retail stores in Asia.  In its initial launch, Gentherm is partnering with Irischitose Co., Ltd., a leading Japanese manufacturer and marketer of furniture for business, schools and other industries. 

The "Le Grato" revolving office chair is equipped with Gentherm's Climate Control Seat™ (CCS™) system which provides individual controls to actively heat and cool the seat surface.  CCS is best known globally for its use in seat systems in more than 50 vehicle models made by the world's leading automotive manufacturers as well as in mattresses and automotive cup holders.

Gentherm President and Chief Executive Officer Daniel R. Coker said that actively heated and cooled office chairs are a natural extension of the Company's TE technology. 

"This is truly a unique product never before seen in the office furniture industry.  A common problem in today's work environment is finding a temperature that works for everyone.  The ability to provide office workers with personalized climate control options will help maintain a comfortable working environment in all seasons," said Coker.

"Teaming with Irischitose provides Gentherm a distribution partner with a well-established, reputable regional leader in the office furniture industry.  We look forward to working closely with Irischitose on this new venture, which we believe will demonstrate that our proprietary thermoelectric technology has broad potential applications for a variety of consumer products," concluded Coker.

Gentherm is currently exhibiting additional office chair prototypes in its heat/cool bedding display at the FurniPRO ASIA 2012 furniture show in Singapore October 17-19.  Gentherm plans to display the chairs at international furniture shows in the coming year and is in discussions with other furniture manufacturers and retailers for roll-out in additional key markets.

About CCS

In the CCS system, which is built around Gentherm's highly-efficient, solid-state thermoelectric device, air is forced through the heat pump and thermally conditioned in response to electronic switch input from the seat occupant.  The conditioned air circulates by a specially designed fan through ducts in the seat cushion, resulting in a surface that can be heated or cooled.  Each seat has individual electronic controls to adjust the level of heating or cooling.  CCS substantially improves comfort compared with conventional air conditioners by focusing the cooling directly on the occupant through the seat.

Gentherm is the largest supplier of thermoelectric systems for cars, with more than 9.7 million thermoelectric-based seat systems sold.

About Gentherm

Gentherm (NASDAQ-GS:THRM) is a global developer and marketer of innovative thermal management technologies for a broad range of heating and cooling and temperature control applications. Automotive products include actively heated and cooled seat systems and cup holders, heated and ventilated seat systems, thermal storage bins, heated seat and steering wheel systems, cable systems and other electronic devices.  The Company's advanced technology team is developing more efficient materials for thermoelectrics and systems for waste heat recovery and electrical power generation for the automotive market that may have far-reaching applications for consumer products as well as industrial and technology markets.  Gentherm has more than 6,000 employees in facilities in the U.S., Germany, Mexico, China, Canada, Japan, England, Korea, Malta, Hungary and the Ukraine.  For more information, go to

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