GenVault Corporation Launches GenTegra(TM) RNA

A proprietary chemical matrix for ambient temperature stabilization, transport and storage of purified RNA

Jan 06, 2010, 08:59 ET from GenVault Corporation

CARLSBAD, Calif., Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- GenVault Corporation, the leader in ambient temperature biosample stabilization, announces the launch of GenTegra(TM) RNA. GenTegra(TM) RNA is an inert chemical matrix that inactivates trace RNase in the liquid phase, providing an added level of RNA stability during sample handling, with or without ice. In the dry-state, GenTegra(TM) preserves RNA integrity by protecting samples from hydrolysis and oxidation, imparts thermal stability at temperatures ranging from -80 degrees C to 76 degrees C/169 degrees F and ensures quantitative recovery of RNA upon rehydration.

"GenVault continues to innovate by providing solutions that enable efficiency and ensure quality in biosample management for genomic-based medicine and research. We are excited to release the second product in our GenTegra(TM) line, GenTegra(TM) RNA," David Wellis, Ph.D., CEO of GenVault.

    "GenTegra(TM) RNA addresses the concerns of most researchers in
     maintaining the integrity of RNA samples. Increased RNA stability
     is assured right after purification, during analysis, and beyond
     dry state recovery. In addition, samples are protected from extreme
     temperatures and extreme temperature shifts during shipping and
     transport." - Rene Nunez, Director of Marketing, GenVault

    "We are pleased with the preliminary results from the GenTegra(TM) RNA
     evaluation.  Storage at room temperature with an easy retrieval
     system is ideal for test development activities, clinical studies
     and clinical settings, where large number of specimens are
     processed. The stability of RNA in liquid phase makes automation of
     downstream applications, like RT-qPCR, easier. GenTegra could be
     used on degraded RNA extracted from FFPE specimens." - Dr. Michel
     Houde, Diagnocure, Quebec City.

    "GenTegra format ensures preservation of RNA integrity while
     simplifying the logistics of sample collection, storage, and
     transport." - Dr. Jaime Modiano,  Department of Veterinary Clinical
     Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine and Masonic Cancer Center,
     University of Minnesota.

    "Storage of nucleic acids at room temperature is convenient and  an
     ideal  green  alternative to -80°C freezers. The GenTegra RNA
     product protects RNA while allowing use in high throughput gene
     expression analysis." - Dr. Michael Barnes, Cincinnati Children's
     Hospital Medical Center.

    "RNA extracted  from mouse liver  and fat tissues that were stored
     and recovered in the GenTegra RNA matrix provided good recovery and
     stability. "- Dr. Sue Murray, Isis Pharmaceutical, Carlsbad, CA.

GenTegra(TM) RNA is compatible with RNA purified using any standard kit or protocol, from all sources, including blood, tissue and PAXgene. RNA may be stored in standard buffers, including water, TE citrate or EDTA. Trace carryover RNase contamination is not a concern with GenTegra RNA. RNA recovered from GenTegra(TM) has been analyzed using the most demanding molecular assays, including expression profiling on leading platforms, and the GenTegra matrix has been shown to have no effect on RT-qPCR analysis. GenTegra RNA, along with the full suite of GenVault products, provides smart, environmentally and financially sustainable solutions for stabilization, transport and storage of biosamples.

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GenVault is the global leader in providing biosample workflow, transport, and storage solutions for genomic medicine, discovery and identification. Today, GenVault is empowering pharmaceutical companies, medical centers, academic institutions and law enforcement agencies to more fully leverage the rapidly growing genomics industry. As a scalable and reliable complement to traditional freezers and nucleic acid purification systems, the company's dry state platform enables the extraction, preservation, recovery, and distribution of biosamples at ambient temperature. GenVault is continuously developing and refining best practices for biomolecule sample management, transport and preservation. For more information visit GenVault at

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Rene Nunez

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