George Saadian of Fire Protection Group Doesn't Want a Repeat of 2012's Wildfire Season

2012 was close to a record breaker for wildfire destruction in the Southwest U.S., but there's still hope for a safer 2013

Jun 28, 2013, 17:21 ET from Fire Protection Group, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, June 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers world-class fire watch services and the full-service installation of fire sprinklers throughout Southern California that keeps public events and Hollywood film sets safe. In addition to relying on Fire Protection Group's excellent fire safety and fire alarm systems, Californians trust George Saadian, lead engineer and general manager, and his team to supply professionals to be at the ready, 24 hours a day with knowledge and the capability to step in and control a fire hazard, should one arise.

With 9 million acres burned, summer of 2012 saw America's fire tolerance tested, and many firefighters endangered, injured, and sometimes killed. There seems to be a general upward trajectory in incidence of wildfires, and no respite in sight. "Dry regions like Southern California will always suffer from fires to some extent, but there's no need to resign ourselves to it. We can do better," Saadian says.

"People think it's hopeless for 2013," Mr. Saadian says "but we're actually doing well so far this year, despite some major setbacks." He's referring to the disastrous Angeles National Forest Wildfire that claimed six homes, and caused the evacuation of thousands. It was a bad fire, and much of that dry brush was a known hazard. Understanding this, a fire watch positioned in view of those hazards could have been beneficial.

A number of wildfires every year are started by opportunistic arsonists, pyromaniacs who take advantage of wind and dry brush to do something they take pleasure in at the expense of thousands of residents. These aren't the norm, of course, and no fire watch can prevent their misdeeds altogether. However, while the source of every wildfire cannot be known, many initial sparks come from known hazards. Fire departments throughout the southwest promote caution and advertise fire safety on billboards throughout the region. Still, hiring fire watch crews for temporary projects can be a huge step forward, especially during intense construction in the dry seasons.

The team at Fire Protection Group has over 200 years of combined experience stopping and preventing fires all around Southern California. With former staff members from the LAFD, and a close professional relationship with the Los Angeles Fire Department, as well as other Southern California fire departments to this day, George Saadian, Al Hernandez and the rest of these consummate professionals already engineer and build the systems that keep you safe at work and at home. Hundreds of homeowners and building managers trust their services. You should, too.

Fire watch is just one of many services provided by Fire Protection Group, Inc., Southern California's leader in maximizing your fire safety, whether a residential fire sprinkler system needs to be installed, or a hazard needs to be monitored in person. Keeping fire prevention specialists standing by, equipped with the tools of the trade is one way to secure peace of mind, but it's also good for the community during wildfire season. If you need fire professionals to perform fire watch or any other fire protection services, call 888-251-3488 or visit online at today.

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