George Seay Launches Texans For Term Limits

Texas Deserves Right To Vote On Term Limits

Mar 07, 2013, 09:00 ET from Texans For Term Limits

AUSTIN, Texas, March 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- George Seay, Chairman of Texans For Term Limits, has formed a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting term limits for elected state officials. Texans for Term Limits believes that the legislature should give Texas voters the right to vote on term limits. The goal of the group is passage of a term limits amendment to the Texas Constitution.

"Term limits will allow us to use our best thinkers and strongest leaders to guide our state, protect our principles and values, and reduce the risks of concentration and overconsumption of political power," says Seay. George Seay is Founder and Chairman of Annandale Capital in Dallas. "Texans want to elect leaders that come to Austin, work hard, get the job done and then go home to live with the laws they've passed. They want leaders who are more in-touch with their neighbors and their local small business owners than with lobbyists and special interests."

In February a survey was conducted by Voter/Consumer Research of Washington, D.C. Eight hundred registered Texas voters were polled to determine public sentiment regarding term limits for Texas. Eighty percent of those surveyed supported term limits for Texas state legislators and statewide elected officials. Ninety-three percent of those in the survey felt the legislature should give Texas voters the right to vote on term limits. 

"When you get over 90 percent in a survey, that's not just a's a stampede," says Seay. "The message is clear and we're going to make sure every voice gets heard and Texas gets the opportunity to vote on this issue."

There are currently two bills in the legislature proposing term limits. Rep. Lyle Larson of San Antonio is sponsoring the effort in the House and Sen. Kevin Eltife of Tyler in the Senate. 

"Limiting terms will keep fresh perspectives and new ideas circulating in Austin," said Eltife. "The voters of this state deserve a chance to decide whether state legislators and statewide elected officials should have term limits."
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About George Seay

George Seay is leading the way in the Texans For Term Limits campaign.  A seventh-generation Texan, George is guided by a strong family tradition to make our state even stronger.

Seay is Founder and Chairman of Annandale Capital in Dallas, an investment company which he started from scratch 15 years ago. Annandale invests across the globe for a variety of clients including individuals, families and institutions. 

George's Texas roots run deep, starting with ancestor John Cartwright who came to Texas in the early 1800s. Both his grandfathers have made their mark on the state. One was a prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials, where Nazi war criminals were prosecuted after World War II, and a name partner in the Seay Gwinn prominent law firm. His other grandfather was Bill Clements, who served as the first Republican governor of Texas since Reconstruction. The Seay and Clements families have a long history of public service and giving back to their communities, in Dallas and across Texas.

George earned his B.A. degree at the University of Texas at Austin and went on to law school at Southern Methodist University. He returned to UT Austin for an MBA in finance. He is Co-Chairman of Associated Republicans of Texas and serves on numerous civic, charitable and professional boards.  A father of three, George say his priorities are service to faith, family, and country.

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