Georgetown University Report Bolsters Advanced College's Approach to Post-Secondary Education

"Middle Jobs" and Career/Technical Education Seen as Clear Pathway to Middle Class Wages

Sep 20, 2012, 17:22 ET from Advanced College

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A new Georgetown University report has underlined the importance of the kind of outstanding courses offered by South Gate's Advanced College. The report advocates for more federal government investment and study of associate and career training programs. These programs are seen as a major steppingstone on the way to middle class economic status for students who may not be able to pursue a four-year degree through a traditional college or university. Advanced College has already helped countless students move forward with short and long-term training certificate and associate degree programs offered in both online and in-person course.

The Georgetown report from lead author Anthony P. Carnevale is focused on what it calls "middle jobs." These are jobs that require either career education or a traditional or online associates degree but do not require a four-year education. Roughly 21 percent of the 139 million jobs currently existing in the United States economy can be defined this way. The report also notes that, as has often been reported, the options open to those with only a high school education have dropped notably in recent decades.

By offering its widely praised course of post-secondary education, Advanced College has helped countless students living all over the world move forward in life with online associate degrees and certificate programs in a number of fields.  The college offers both traditional and Internet-based instruction in such areas as accounting, business administration, healthcare management, and medical assistant training. It also features programs that offer an innovative blend of in-person and online instruction in fields requiring hands-on laboratory instruction, such as Surgical Technology and Massage Therapy. 

The Georgetown University report also mentions the added value of a four-year degree in terms of economic advancement. The good news is that students interested in moving forward to a bachelor's degree after completing their associates program can pursue a four-year degree with Kaplan University. Via Advanced College's articulation program with the university, students may then receive a 10 percent discount on tuition from Kaplan.

It is obvious that an online accounting degree or other degree or certificate from Advanced College represents a major step forward for any student. Indeed, students who may have obligations raising families or holding full-time jobs are especially likely to benefit from web-based instruction. As one student told us, it was fine to work full time as a server at a local sit-down restaurant chain. However, with the online business administration degree she was earning, she now has her mind set on one day working in the chain's corporate offices.

For more information on the many outstanding associate degree and career programs available through Advanced College, please visit or call 562-567-0457. It could well be the first important step on the path to a better future.

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