Georgia Mayors Against Illegal Guns Strongly Oppose HB 875, Aggressive Rollback Of Public Safety Laws

HB 875 Would Expand Georgia's Stand Your Ground Law to Protect Criminals, Virtually Eliminate Crime of Carrying Guns on University Campuses, Force Cities and Towns to Allow Guns in Their Government Buildings

Georgians Overwhelmingly Oppose Measures in HB 875

Mar 04, 2014, 11:46 ET from Mayors Against Illegal Guns

ATLANTA, March 4, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Twelve Georgia mayors came out in strong opposition to HB 875 today, one of the most aggressive rollbacks of public safety laws of its kind. HB 875 would expand the scope of Georgia's existing dangerous Stand Your Ground law to protect criminals, virtually eliminate the crime of carrying guns on college and university campuses, and force cities and towns to allow guns into their government buildings. The mayors shared their concerns in a letter sent to Governor Nathan Deal, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and legislative leadership. The letter is available here.         

Recently passed by the Georgia House, the legislation will likely receive a Senate committee hearing this week—even though Georgians overwhelmingly oppose some of its measures.

"This bill is a matter of urgent public concern and would be taking our state in the wrong direction," the mayors wrote in a letter to the governor and General Assembly leadership. "We urge you to reject this dangerous bill."

Some provisions in HB 875 are outlined below:

  • Stand Your Ground. Since Georgia Stand Your Ground became law in Georgia in 2006, the number of justifiable homicides in the state increased by 83%. HB 875 would dangerously expand this law even further to protect felons who kill using illegal guns.
  • Guns on Campus. HB 875 would essentially eliminate the crime of carrying guns on college campuses. Even though the Georgia Board of Regents and 78% of Georgia registered voters oppose allowing concealed carry on college campuses, this bill would take the teeth out of the crime, making the penalty for illegally carrying a loaded gun on college and university campuses less severe than a speeding ticket.
  • Guns in Government Buildings. This bill would overrule local judgment by forcing cities and counties to allow guns in their government buildings. By conditioning local authority to keep guns out of municipal and county buildings on the provision of costly security personnel, the bill would prohibit cities and counties from taking steps they deem necessary to keep their employees and citizens safe.

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