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Mar 26, 2012, 17:22 ET from

DENVER, March 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- has become one of the most prominent online information protection and PR (public relations) firms, having been named The Most Innovative Tech Firm of the Year by True Wealth Magazine. It has become particularly known for helping clients remove information and mugshots from a vast selection of online mugshot databases (websites that gather mugshots and arrest records from various county file systems throughout the United States). is a newer mugshot database that is quickly gaining popularity, specializing in listing the mugshots of people who have been arrested in more than 17 Georgia counties during the past couple of years. is able to guarantee the removal of mugshots from, and a plethora of other websites, through a multifaceted approach. In addition, its goal is to remove any traces of the mugshot from the search engines by removing the mugshot images and record information.

The staff at has proven that it's capable of guaranteeing instant removal of mugshots from and similar Georgia mugshot websites. Its specialists have the knowledge and expertise needed to remove mugshot records and images from Georgia mugshot databases. is one of the most trusted and recognizable industry leaders in mugshot removal and online privacy. The firm works privately with each client to analyze the situation and help remove unwanted and harmful records from the Internet.

Aside from assisting in the removal of mugshots, is also able to remove all kinds of defamatory and slanderous content from the web. With a network of more than 10 million pages from which it can remove content, this firm is able to assist with mugshot, arrest record, court docket removal and content removal in almost all cases. Even in a worst-case scenario, it'll be able to replace all negative content with positive information about a business and personal name by launching an aggressive search engine optimization/reputation repair campaign.