Geothermal International Promotes Eco-Conscious Savings of up to 1,000 pounds Sterling with New Website

Sep 01, 2010, 02:00 ET from Geothermal International

LONDON, Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Geothermal International are European specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of ground and air source heat pumps. These products comply with government legislation for lower carbon emissions, therefore the key aim of the website is to demonstrate the savings and other benefits available to visitors through government funded schemes and incentives.

The company's new and improved website – - was created by M3 Communications and offers a user-friendly experience as well as an updated, clean and uncluttered design.  

New pages include:

  • FAQ page to answer visitors' questions quickly and efficiently,
  • International page with details for the network of nine European partners
  • Added functionality, e.g. online enquiry form.

The three main products - ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and cooling and air handling products – are also explained through new and improved information sheets, which are easy to read, navigate and access.

Benefits of Geothermal International products

Efficiency. As heat is transferred rather than created by burning oil or gas, the system is a more efficient alternative to using fossil fuels as a heating source. They can be used for both heating and cooling systems, so the same system may be used throughout summer and winter.

Money saving. Ground source or air pumps achieve significant fuel cost savings compared to direct electric heating systems. As they comply with government legislation for lower carbon emissions, it is proposed that owners of heat pumps installed from July 2009 onwards will benefit from a subsidy to start from April 2011 called the Renewable Heat Incentive. This could equate to up to 1,000 pounds in annual savings for the average 3 bedroom semi-detached house.

Low maintenance. Geothermal products require very little maintenance, as the basic mechanism is similar to a refrigerator. They operate quietly, cleanly, safely and reliably.  Better still, they eliminate the need for fuel deliveries, or the need for fuel storage space.

Eco friendly. Ground and air source pumps are an eco-friendly alternative to oil, gas and LPG as they use renewable energy technologies and only require a minimal amount of electricity in order to run. If a renewable source of electricity is used, they are completely carbon neutral.

Over 130 carbon-friendly solutions

Over the last decade Geothermal International has developed a complete turnkey service for the installation of ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps for commercial and domestic use. Their comprehensive range includes more than 130 heating and cooling products.

Past installations have included homes, low carbon and zero carbon residential developments and large-scale commercial premises. There are no limits to the size of installation they are able to undertake.

Geothermal International offers a bespoke design and development service for specialist applications, e.g. they will design the most efficient heating or cooling system depending on property location, geological survey and access.


How Geothermal International products work

Ground source heat pumps.

Ground source heat pumps systems which extract heat energy from the ground or groundwater offer exceptionally high levels of efficiency, achieving significant reductions in CO2 emissions and energy bills.

Air source heat pumps.

An air source heat pump is a unit that stands outside your home and is connected to your heating system. It works by extracting heat from the outside air. Effective all year round (even at temperatures as low as -15 degrees C) in a well insulated home, these pumps can take the place of a central heating boiler. Air source heat pumps are an eco-friendly and cheaper alternative to oil and are often installed in new build properties in areas where there is no mains gas. Air source unit installation is quick, easy and very cost-effective.

Cooling/air handling. Air handling units are an integral part of the heating and cooling systems of most commercial buildings and are becoming increasingly popular in eco-friendly residential developments due to their many benefits, e.g cost-savings. Using heat exchange technology, heat is recycled and re-used in different parts of the building. In addition to distributing warm and cool air, which maintains a comfortable temperature, they dehumidify and filter incoming fresh air, which removes pollen, dust and pollutants.


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