Gesture-operated Smartwatch gets Patent protection ahead of Samsung, Apple Releases

In perfect timing, the HOT ('Hands on Talk') Smartwatch announces Patent 8,515,505, covering wearable-tech innovation with 'private calls' and gesture-management

Aug 27, 2013, 15:26 ET from HOT Smartwatch

NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- HOT Smartwatch, the emerging Apple, Samsung contender, has announced the full issuance of "US Patent No. 8,515,505" during a week-long slew of New York media events.

Recently launched on Kickstarter, the HOT Smartwatch has garnered massive support in pre-orders for thousands of its four models for the upcoming holiday season and through Q2 2014.  Dallas, TX-based PH Technical, makers of the HOT Watch, have officially debuted the watch in New York City last week, to an audience of consumer tech and fashion tech members of the press.

"In light of the rapidly growing amount of 'wearable tech' devices introduced to the market by companies like Sony, Samsung, and Apple, consumers are notably seeking those products more likely to "stick around for longer," says co-founder Ram Pattikonda. "There are many sorts of rumored, as well as seen features and capabilities among different watches out there, but in our saturated market there are very few that have actually made it to the finishing line of granted Patents," he said.

US Patent No. 8,515,505 covers the watch's "Hands on Talk" feature, which allows users to hold private phone conversations using the watch by cupping their hands over their ears, utilizing a bio-mechanical solution which amplifies the calls by bouncing sound off of their palms. The patent also covers the watch's unique HOT Gestures™, which enables users to easily control many of the watch's features with intuitive hand motion. With HOT Gestures™, users can pick up a phone call by lifting their hands up to their ears, hang up a call by waving goodbye, or reject a call by shaking their wrists.

Mr. Shariq Hamid, Founder, CEO, and now official co-owner of the Patent has shared the excitement on the announcement: "Bringing innovation like private call making through a watch to a market that hasn't seen anything close, is a dream come true." In relation to the rumored Samsung and Apple announcements of a smartwatch of their own, Mr. Hamid noted they were "anxiously waiting since 2010 and the issuance of the Patent couldn't have come at a better time."

Designed to offer a variety of features attributed to health, fitness, and fashionable wearable tech, the HOT Watch serves as a phone, sleep pattern monitor, calorie burning tracker, and even an emergency calling device in cases of injuries or falls with a built in accelerometer and gyroscope. Launching with an open API, the watch already includes text messaging, email and social media app notifications.

The watch is still available through September 7th for pre-orders starting at just $119, with early orders scheduled to ship in time for the 2013 holiday season. The HOT Smartwatch has already raised over $540,000 on the crowd funding site Kickstarter with 11 days left to its running campaign.

About PH Technical Labs:
PH Technical Labs – (PHTL), a Dallas, TX based company, provides innovative solutions for common problems faced by all industries. Our ingenious solutions range from smarter power strips, monitoring for operational security and innovative use of Machine Vision technology to glare-blocking helmets for welders and windshield solutions for airplanes and cars. Our current roster of products include: Power USB, iCount and our latest innovation, "HOT Watch" (Hands On Talk) - a Bluetooth compatible complete Smartwatch solution that employs a multitude of functionality and, for the first time, enables users to make and receive phone calls, privately directly from the watch. By unleashing human creativity and converting ideas into realities, our products help you solve everyday problems with user-friendly, affordable solutions that matter to businesses, industries and consumers. For more information on PH Technical Labs logon to-

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