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Nov 24, 2015, 10:30 ET from BlueFlock Technologies

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Empower Decision Makers With Real Time Project Analytics on Their Smartphones for In-time and Informed Decisions 

Small businesses are the pulse of the economy today. They attract great talent, innovate new technologies and offer great ideas for sustenance. But, when it comes to their own long term survival, it's still very meek. For every new business registered there are at least 2 companies shutting down and at least 5 struggling to stay afloat. The survival rate of any small business after 3 years is just 3% to 5%. What can be done to increase that percentage?

According to Kiran Raju, a serial entrepreneur and CEO of BlueFlock Technologies, strongly believes, "Businesses do not die because of lack of funds, ideas or talent, it is mostly because of the inability to take the right decisions at the right time." He also adds, "Decision makers and business owners are the biggest bottlenecks. They do not have dependable sources of aggregated intelligence of their teams or projects. Thus leading to endless unproductive meetings, delayed decisions and sometimes wrong decisions. These bottlenecks can be a death sentence for a small business."

Small businesses, mostly suffer from individual biases - on planning, execution and assessment of projects, as there are no structured processes aligned to their business expectations. Thus making it difficult for them to keep pace in a competitive environment.

Annirudh Duddala, Partner and VP at BlueFlock Technologies, says: "Decision-making is an indispensable part of any growth story. With the BlueFlock App, we have tried to answer a looming deficit that business owners face today - a real time overview of all their projects. The app's project overview screen gives a visual cue that's quick to comprehend and directs the decision makers attention to where an action is most required. Our intelligent algorithms constantly align the project timeline based on the progress of tasks to ensure the stakeholders have a realistic view of a project delivery date. The ability to collaborate with all stakeholders from the app on tasks makes it easy for the decision maker to breach the barriers delaying the project. This simplifies the entire process of informed decision making and creates an elevated sense of ownership. Customer feedback has validated the project overview feature as an essential business need."

In time decision making is key to survival for any business today, and it is very important that businesses adopt the right technology to harness their growth ideas with correct and informed decisions. The BlueFlock app is the best tool available today in the market that enables ease of team collaboration and empowers decision makers to make the best use of their precious resource, time.

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