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Hamlin Dental Group promises a brighter, healthier smile than any 11th century German could hope for

Mar 06, 2014, 15:01 ET from Hamlin Dental Group

LOS ANGELES, March 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Hamlin Dental Group has been known for twenty years as the place for a dentist Los Angeles residents trust. Still, the outstanding  general and cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles wants you to know that a recent study of ancient human teeth found in a Frankfurt, Germany cemetery revealed that teeth cleaning is a practice far older than many of us would expect. Moreover, as every Los Angeles oral surgeon and dentist knows, it's a practice that more of us should be honoring today.

While researchers found that the thousand year-old teeth could definitely have benefitted from contemporary-style brushing and flossing, it really does appear as if scrapping away calculus and plaque was known to be beneficial by the 11th century equivalents of a general dentist. Oral health experts might have developed enormous innovations since Frankfurt of long ago, but clearly dentists of old were onto something important. There is simply no aspect of preventative dentistry more important than keeping  teeth clean with regular daily care and twice annual teeth cleanings. It's an ancient tradition that can really benefit your teeth.

Hamlin Dental Group was founded by Dr. Hamid Reza way back in 1994. Of course, tooth problems are as old as mankind itself, and sometimes, today as in ancient times, prevention is simply a moot point. That's why an outstanding  general dentist needs to do a lot more than simply cleaning teeth. From dealing with impacted teeth, to performing root canals, to the most highly advanced restorative dentistry and complete smile makeovers, Hamlin Dental Group is ready and able to provide the very best of modern style dentistry.

Many of us have a tendency to take our teeth for granted…until dental problems become suddenly urgent. Developing a regular relationship with a dentist is the best and only way we know to ensure that potential dental emergencies are nipped in the bud. While Hamlin Dental Group can't guarantee that you'll never need a cavity filled or require another restorative procedure, its dentists can say that regular care is the best and only to ensure that your teeth will last a lifetime. Regular cleanings and check-ups are the only option.

As the late comedian Soupy Sales once said, "Be true to your teeth and they'll never be false to you." While the dentist-equivalents of medieval Europe couldn't really make that claim, we at Hamlin Dental Group know that, with proper dental care, you teeth really should last as long as you do.

To get started on keeping up with a proud ancient tradition while taking advantage of the very best of modern dental practices, contact Hamlin Dental Group today.  For a free initial consultation with one of the Los Angeles' finest dental care professional, please call 888-400-8011 or visit

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