Get Challenged, Get Healthy With, a New Online Mobile Playground

Feb 01, 2012, 15:11 ET from Hubbub Health

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Cambia Health Solutions has launched, an online mobile playground that uses gaming and competition to motivate players to make lasting lifestyle changes and meet their personal health goals. Players on Hubbub Health have already lost nearly 1,500 pounds, and walked, stepped, run and jumped at least 16,000 miles to better health. This includes the Utah-based Western Governors University, that has successfully engaged its employees in over 900 challenges since joining the Hubbub community in November 2011.

"Hubbub Health was an instant success among our employees," said Carrie Westover with Western Governors University. "We plan to continue to use Hubbub as our primary employee wellness supporter. It's easy, fun, and our employees are seeing positive changes in their health as a result of it!"

"For the first time ever, healthcare nerds, gamer geeks and fitness fanatics have worked together to create something that combines the best of all three worlds," said Hubbub Health lead Tony Bacos. "And Hubbub Health is the result."

About Hubbub

Hubbub is free to the public. It may be accessed by visiting the web site or through the app store at Once players enter or download the app onto a mobile device, they can create a profile or log in through their Facebook account. Additionally, a mobile Web experience is available at for players with smart phones. After joining the Hubbub Health community, players are then encouraged to join or start their own public or private challenges on everything from weight loss to stress management to nutrition, earning badges, and capitalizing on other motivational boosts to keep the momentum going.

Hubbub Health is a unique social networking community that challenges and empowers users to make smart health and wellness choices. Hubbub's mix of fun and healthy living strategies offers members the support they need to make personal changes. Hubbub Health is wholly owned subsidiary of Cambia Health Solutions, a nationwide health and wellness company headquartered in the Pacific Northwest.

Additional features and upgrades are available for purchase by employer groups, like health coaching, Wi-Fi scales that track your weight, computerized blood pressure monitoring devices, and real-time data reports on their employees' progress towards better health. Incentive programs are also available for purchase, tracking employee progress to reward them with virtual gift cards through when milestones are met.

Success Stories

Hubbub Health employees have already been leading the way by using the service to achieve better health. Like Brian Berchtold, director of Hubbub's business development efforts, who has lost more than 20 pounds since April 2011 as one of the first users of the Hubbub Health beta platform. "I was overweight, and needing medication for high cholesterol and blood pressure," said Brian. "I realized I was working within an organization that could support my need to improve my health, and was even giving me the motivational tools I needed. In fact, as a result, I was taken off of my cholesterol and blood pressure medications."

Brian joined a few basic challenges to get started and eventually enlisted the help of a Hubbub Health Coach, Michelle, to set challenges specific to his situation. Since April he has gone from being able to complete just one mile, to completing his third half-marathon (exceeding his goal of running a sub-10 minute mile through the entire course).

"Like many people, I'd tried different diets and plans to lose weight, but nothing really stuck until I joined the Hubbub community – with friends and co-workers providing the subtle nudge I needed to keep me going," said Brian. "Hubbub gets me moving, holds me accountable, and provides ideas for other healthy lifestyle choices. I can't wait to finish a long run and check-in on my phone to post a 'prove it' photo!"

SOURCE Hubbub Health