Get Real USA to Produce Soundtrack for Summer 2012 Global Release of the Comedy Film, "Tied in Knots"

Get Real USA, Inc. (GTRL.PK) will produce the soundtrack for a new comedy film entitled "Tied in Knots"; Revenues for this project will be recognized in 2012.

Apr 02, 2012, 06:00 ET from Get Real USA, Inc.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., April 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Get Real USA, Inc. (OTC: announced that the company's music division was selected to produce a soundtrack for the soon to be released comedy, "Tied in Knots."

Get Real USA believes it is well positioned for success in the very dynamic entertainment market. One major advantage the Company has is its ability to create high quality content on a strictly managed budget. It's this focused approach that will enable Get Real USA to produce films, video and music more efficiently: a requirement to leverage opportunities in today's digital world.

Mr. Khalil Kain, President of Get Real stated, "We anticipate this sound track will do extremely well in both domestic and foreign markets.  The movie cast consists of actors that are very well known in the Asian and other key foreign markets.

"In addition, the movie received the Comedy of the Year award in 2010 at the Mojave Film Festival.  The sound track will be distributed through Get Real USA, Bungalo Records, Platinum Records and Universal Music Group Distribution. Profits from this project will be reflected in Get Real USA's earnings for 2012."

Worldwide ticket sales for films in 2011 films were over thirty-one billion dollars, as reported by the Motion Picture Association of America. This demonstrates the public's seemingly insatiable appetite for movies. This huge demand has also created an increased demand for film composers and film music for a huge variety of projects.

"A movie soundtrack is a critical element of a successful movie," continued Mr. Kain.  "And our team of veteran artists, composers and producers are ready to create a soundtrack that will increase the emotional impact of scenes and influence the audience's feelings in specific ways during a film. In other words, help make this movie a hit."

Mr. Aaron Johnson, head of Get Real Music added, "Our primary goal is to create quality compositions for the projects we work on. However, we also plan to invest resources developing new artists and to use their songs in our soundtracks too. In fact, we're pleased to have a group of newly signed artists representing various genres of music."

"We'll continue to aggressively pursue new projects in both film and music. And wherever possible our goal will be to match the talents of our signed artists with these opportunities."

About Get Real USA, Inc.:

Get Real USA, Inc. (GTRL.PK) is in the business of producing low-budget, high quality genre pictures using recognizable name talent.  GTRL's business strategy is to work with highly skilled producers and directors who also offer fierce attention to risk assessment and cost management.

The Company's goal is to create a strong production pipeline while taking advantage of new technologies, production efficiencies and value-added enhancements such as innovative and edgy marketing strategies.

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