Get Your Rental Car from the Agency That Supplies TV Commercial Production: California Rent-A-Car

Corporate accounts, tourists, or those in need of a temporary replacement should see TV commercials as a seal of car quality

Aug 07, 2012, 19:41 ET from California Rent-A-Car

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- California Rent-A-Car's CEO, Steve Vahidi is somewhat coy about precisely which TV commercials use the cars from his fleet. "You've seen them, though," he says. "They're the ones with people driving around Los Angeles. Maybe some of the funny commercials you've seen lately." But while the clients often obscure the make and model when the corporate message is from someone else, one thing is for sure: These are clean and well-maintained cars, every single one. "If you're going to rent out for producers, they have to be certain that the car is in great shape," he says. The upshot is that if an agency's car rental in Los Angeles is good enough for finicky film producers, it's good enough for the corporate VIPs, tourists, and other local rental customers of Los Angeles.

If you're a corporate account holder, then, like the movie producers, you need to be certain your rental will be pristine. If you're renting on behalf of a VIP, California Rent-A-Car knows the stress involved in holding out for someone's complaint. At California Rent-A-Car, quality is such a sure thing that if your corporate client has a complaint, it won't be with the condition; only the make and model of their Los Angeles luxury car rental. California Rent-A-Car can't guarantee that your client won't prefer a different color. For corporate accounts, California recommends their new crop of Mercedes S550 rental cars, one of the world's best all-around automobiles and one that won its reputation by completely satisfying both driver and passenger.

But the pickiest customers of all aren't film producers or corporations. They're not even car aficionados, looking for a joyride in the latest and greatest. Kids are pickier by a wide margin, and while you as a parent can overrule them, when you're on vacation in Los Angeles, why not get something they'll really love. SUVs are a great way to please the whole family. With one of the widest selections of SUVs around, your kids will have plenty of room to stretch out and play video games. Visitors to Los Angeles should check out the view of the palisades from the wide windows of a Toyota Rav4, one of the most popular and safe crossover SUVs on the market.

Finally, if the car you own didn't turn out to be so reliable, your rental should be the exact opposite. Replacement car rental in Los Angeles is the way to get behind the wheel of something that will restore your faith in automobiles. Hop into a practical Toyota Camry, and maybe while you're driving that around you'll consider how much easier your life might be if you'd purchased one in the first place.

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