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Jan 21, 2016, 07:55 ET from GEZE

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The double-sided GEZE ActiveStop door damper provides new convenience for room doors. This smart system ensures controlled, damping mechanism for the opening and closing for swing doors. Doors are stopped gently, closed quietly or kept open with ease while ensuring that any wall edges or objects placed within the door movement at 90 10 120 degrees angle will not obstruct movement and are simultaneously protected by the GEZE ActiveStop technology. The door damper can be unobtrusively integrated into the door panel and can also be fitted to doors with glass panels. GEZE ActiveStop has been recognized for its innovative mechanism, and was awarded silver in the Baden-Württemberg international design prize Focus Open 2015. The jury described the new door damper from GEZE as an innovative product solution of exceptional design quality putting it in the top spot in the "Living" category.

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Powerful yet smooth and quiet opening and closing mechanism   

The system's three functions combine convenience, safety and discreet door appearance. Even when opened with force, GEZE ActiveStop controls the speed and impact of the doors in time. Following a smooth opening, the door damper moves the door independently and safely up to the stopping position, which can be custom-set between 60 and 140 degrees. Additional door stoppers on the wall or floor are not required. This means that it is really easy to pass through the door - a welcome advantage particularly if one does not have a free hand. In addition, unwanted marks and damage to walls or items of furniture behind the door resulting from the door being thrown open too wide are avoided.

When there is a strong draught, and the door starts to move and threatens to slam closed, GEZE ActiveStop ensures it is kept open with ease in the open position.

In the same way, GEZE ActiveStop ensures doors are not shut rapidly or with impact on closing. From around 25 degrees, the door damper pulls the door closed smoothly and safely. The door leaves and frames are safeguarded, and the risk of human injury is also minimised. With the GEZE ActiveStop systems in place doors swing freely between 25 and 60 degrees and the door damper controls the swing outside 25 and 60 degrees.

Simple installation and adjustment  

GEZE ActiveStop can be integrated into room doors with a leaf weight of up to 45 kilograms. Given its compact dimensions and a width of just 28 millimetres, the door damper can be unobtrusively integrated into the door panel and is almost invisible. The individually adjustable opening angle and the damping action that can be set by means of a valve ensure that the system can be adapted to any door framework. As the door is kept closed independently, there is no need for a lock latch. Installation in the door panel can be done quickly and easily by hand with a few passes of a milling machine. End users receive a complete door system and merely have to adjust the opening damping and opening angle to their needs.

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