GEZE Middle East Provides 2016 Insight on Industry Trends in Commercial Building Design with an Emphasis on Sustainable Application for 'Smart Buildings'

May 15, 2016, 06:37 ET from GEZE Middle East

DUBAI, UAE, May 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Large buildings, such as commercial buildings are increasingly open to the public, this means that certain areas are accessed and used not only by tenants and employees but visitors and potential clients as well. As such, the trend in architecture is to establish an 'inviting atmosphere' in which façades are increasingly no longer barriers to buildings. The outside and inside aspects of a building are designed to flow into each other. One consequence of this open public-oriented approach is the need for a greater number of building entrances and thus doors which equally have more demands on them. GEZE sees itself as a 'connector' of interior and exterior space and delivers individual automatic door solutions, such as atria, lobbies, cross-over points or thoroughfares, which bring together barrier-free convenience with security and excellent design.

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Apart from the use of glass as the next step in modern façades, the automation of doors is a progressive trend. Transparent, automatic door solutions make the passage from inside to outside, for example to covered gardens and outside areas, almost imperceptible. Because buildings are increasingly assessed (and certified) according to wellness aspects too, the connection between inside and outside areas on higher storeys is often achieved by using viewing platforms which can be made accessible thanks to automatic door solutions. Automatic sliding door systems which are able to withstand wind pressure are particularly recommended here. If the viewing platforms cannot be used for climatic reasons (e.g. heat), natural ventilation solutions can be realized as needed, using window drive solutions from GEZE (depending on the temperature, wind strength and direction, usage patterns, e.g. times of day, week days or ambient air quality).

GEZE products offer one-stop-shop system solutions that combine various requirements, such as e. g. accessibility, fire and smoke protection, natural ventilation and smoke and heat extraction, the control of escape and rescue routes, increased break-in resistance or access control, and of course design. GEZE is increasingly focusing on automated operating functions and networked solutions. This means that individual systems communicate with each other. A building management system also allows the functions of different products to be controlled meaningfully and mutually.

Sustainability is high on the agenda at GEZE. Economic, ecological, technical and social sustainability criteria are considered right from the outset of the product development. The sustainability of GEZE products is demonstrated in their durability, which meets the most stringent of quality standards. These products can also be subsequently extended and combined with system solutions. Plus there is GEZE Service: The service supports a product throughout its entire life cycle. It begins in the design planning phase and extends to completion of the building and after-sales service. Automated sliding door, swing door and window opening systems as well as safety systems also increase the accessibility of a building and improve the life quality of its users. In addition, GEZE products consider the needs of individuals with restricted mobility thus converting buildings into full encompassing 'Smart Buildings' of the future.

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