GIGANETTV -- INTERNET TV Revolutionary Technological Breakthrough Allows for Ultimate Social TV Everywhere/Multi-Tasking Evolution

Interact Simultaneously on Up to 30 Channels on One Screen

Jul 17, 2013, 10:44 ET from Giga Entertainment Media

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., July 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Giga Entertainment Media ("GEM") started out in the technological development, ownership and operations of digital wireless television systems and FCC bandwidth licenses.  The company evolved and transitioned into creating the most consumer friendly multi-tasking technology that brings a limitless menu of simultaneous digital entertainment and interactive communication capabilities.

The breakthrough technology allows subscribers to enjoy up to 30 simultaneous video or data streams on any broadband device worldwide.  The viewing experience is revolutionary as the viewer or groups of viewers are able to multi-task and interact with their friends or social circles by enhanced user functionality. This includes full live cable channel lineups, single or multiple live personal/group chatting/conferencing, movies, web surfing, texting, blogging, video games, DVR all in HD on simultaneous multiple PIP (picture-in-picture) expandable/shrinking/movable floating screens, buy now option with advanced programming guide, scrolling newsfeeds and alerts all on one site.  There is no need to purchase any clumsy equipment.  GEM's platform is not device restricted as long as the device has access to the Internet, the subscriber has the most optimized convenient digital experience at their fingertips.  The timing is excellent for GEM to capitalize on the new age of social multi-tasking TV, as it is unrivaled.

GEM is in the process of licensing "White Labeling" the unique platform technology as a tool to the thousands of global cable, satellite distributors and other content providers who are losing a significant number of subscribers and require a new way to rebuild their subscriber base.  GIGANETTV is their solution.  The revenue and growth potential is quite substantial especially since it is not a matter of "if they want it"; it is rather that "they need it" and they need it right now.  This service is known as "GIGANETTV" – The WHITE LABEL BRAND.  See the GIGANETTV demo at

The addition of the GIGANETTV Brand and technology to these platforms immediately provides operators with a significant technological advantage and a much needed added value, multi-platform presence and unique subscriber experience. This premium enhances the digital experience for their existing subscribers and adds an incremental revenue stream.  "This could potentially add tens of millions of new subscribers in the worldwide video provider distribution network," says John Anderson, CEO of GEM, the parent company of GIGANETTV.

The full launch is slated for this Fall when all the features become available on all mobile devices.  To interact with the demo of the unique features of GIGANETTV and see more detailed information about the company, go to

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