Gil Garcetti, Former District Attorney of Los Angeles County, Endorses Danette Meyers for District Attorney

Mar 08, 2011, 13:54 ET from Danette Meyers Campaign Headquarters

LOS ANGELES, March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Gil Garcetti, Los Angeles County's twice-elected District Attorney today officially announced his endorsement of Danette Meyers for District Attorney.  

Garcetti stated: "I have known and worked with Danette for over 20 years. She is a premier trial lawyer with more significant felony trial experience than 99% of her colleagues. But Danette is more than simply a very accomplished trial lawyer, she is also a leader, a visionary, and a person who clearly understands and accepts the responsibilities of being the elected District Attorney heading an office of 1000 prosecutors. I am confident that she will be a District Attorney who will focus on success in the courtroom, but  she will also use her position to develop programs that prevent crimes involving  juvenile offenders and domestic violence. This is what is so different about Danette. She understands that the elected District Attorney has the opportunity to shape and direct the focus of the criminal justice system.

Given Danette's many years of high level involvement in the civil and criminal law communities and the universal respect she has earned from judges, police, and civil and criminal defense lawyers, Danette is a uniquely qualified candidate for District Attorney. I endorse her with enthusiasm and a belief in her strength of character and integrity—both traits which are absolutely essential for a person seeking to become the Los Angeles County District Attorney."

Danette Meyers headed the Bellflower and Florence/Firestone Offices as Deputy-in-Charge during Garcetti's second term as District Attorney.  While holding these administrative positions Meyers continued to prosecute high profile cases securing multiple first degree murder convictions in some of the county's most brutal killings.  

Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers announced her candidacy for the 2012 LA County District Attorney election on December 31, 2010.   The Los Angeles native and  24 year veteran prosecutor has already received numerous endorsements from a diverse group of distinguished individuals and is considered a top contender in the race.  If elected, Meyers will be the first female and first African American District Attorney of Los Angeles County. More information on Ms. Meyers may be found on her official website and at

SOURCE Danette Meyers Campaign Headquarters