Gild Acquires Automated Code Evaluation Leader Coderloop

Real-time coding assessment platform to fuel Gild challenges and incorporate real-world coding skills into Gild skills scores.

Sep 07, 2011, 11:57 ET from Gild

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Gild, where developers build, share, compare and improve their skills profiles, today announced the acquisition of Coderloop, developers of a fully automated code evaluation and scoring platform.

Coderloop's core technology will allow Gild to create and deploy programming challenges, similar to Facebook Puzzles and Google Code Hacks, and automatically evaluate and score code submissions at large scale. The Coderloop technology will take Gild's scientific skills ratings and rankings to the next level of accuracy and sophistication. Gild is focused on building the world's largest skills-based network for developers who believe it's not just who you know, it's what you know that matters.

The Coderloop team, including the founders, Federico Feroldi and Luca Bonmassar will join Gild. Feroldi and Bonmassar started Coderloop out of frustration when trying to hire top developers and spending an enormous amount of time interviewing developers who were not up to par. They modeled their business after the concept of Facebook Puzzles available on the Facebook website. The Coderloop technology allows developers to solve coding puzzles in 16 different programming languages and automatically executes, runs, evaluates and scores code submissions.

"Coderloop is the clear leader in the automated code evaluation space. The platform creates engaging challenges that are engaging and fun to solve, as well as the most advanced system we have seen for evaluating and ranking responses. We believe skills matter, and we have just acquired the most advanced skills evaluation platform in the world, so our members can see where they stand on a global scale," said Sheeroy Desai, Gild CEO.

Coderloop CEO Federico Feroldi remarked, "We created Coderloop to solve a difficult and large problem – evaluating developers on their ability to write great code. By joining Gild we can now make this technology available to hundreds of thousands of developers around the world to help them stand out and showcase how good they are."

The Coderloop Puzzles Platform will enhance Gild's ability to truly test a developer's skills. Gild enables developers to build skills profiles based on the completion of certifications, challenges and real world experience, which they can then share and compare with nearly 500,000 other Gild members worldwide.

As part of the acquisition the Coderloop developer community will join Gild's nearly 500,000 membership base from 174 countries.

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