Girl Scout Dropout Project Launches

Irreverent Widow Creator introduces niche web community for alternative-thinking, like-minded women

Jul 11, 2011, 10:51 ET from Girl Scout Dropout

PORTLAND, Maine, July 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Sandi Amorello, creator of the Irreverent Widow Project, a combined art exhibit, website and blog that supports women suffering through a variety of life's perils, recently developed a similar forum for alternative-thinking women of all ages entitled, Girl Scout Dropout at This newly launched online community will serve as a safety zone for women who embrace their rebellious spirits and celebrate the fact that their personal "rules" do not coincide with the guidelines that have been laid out by society.

Girl Scout Dropout will allow women to join a club that celebrates their alternative views of the world while also finding a resource for support during any variety of life's challenges, including, in Sandi's case, the death of her young husband that propelled her into widowhood..

"My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after his 40th birthday," said Sandi, "and my world turned upside down in a way I'd only read about in novels, or seen on a tear-jerker Hallmark made-for-TV-movie. He died the morning after Christmas, and his funeral was on New Year's Eve. Our children were 4, 7 and 9; I was 41--enough said."

With the knowledge that "life doesn't always go quite as we plan," Sandi, the self-proclaimed Irreverent Widow and original Girl Scout Dropout, chose to develop these forms of support for women after her life changed dramatically. Girl Scout Dropout will not only support women through trying times, but also honor individualism, creativity, non-conformity and most importantly humor.

Women of all ages can join online for a lifetime membership for only $44.95 and receive the Official "I'm a Dropout Now" membership kit, which includes an elegantly designed wine glass with the GSD logo, three Badges of Honor (the "More Support Than an Underwire Bra" Badge, the "I'll Drink to This & That" Badge and the very chic "Nuh-Uh" Badge); the official "Dropouts Don't Sew" Badge Pin and a "For Dropouts Only" pocket-sized Credo.  

Here is one of the 10 GSD Credos—

  • A Girl Scout Dropout's Honor is to be trusted- When you promise to go out for a martini with your best friend whose husband has just announced that he is running off with the Swedish must keep your word!

The Credo includes nine more GSD beliefs so please visit to learn more about the GSD credo.  Men can also join the group as part of the Men's Auxiliary, standing in spiritual solidarity with the Dropouts.

A portion of the proceeds from the Girl Scout Dropout project will go toward Sandi's Irreverent Widow efforts. "You shouldn't have to pay to grieve," said Sandi, " No one should have to supply a credit card number to climb up out of the depths of hell."

Come share in Sandi's approach to life using humor, while understanding it is okay to admit that "life doesn't always go quite as we plan, now does it?"  For more information about Sandi and her Girl Scout Dropout community, please visit and join us on Facebook for the GSD conversation sure to inspire.

SOURCE Girl Scout Dropout