Give your mom an extraordinary gift this Mother's Day

Name a star at and it will sparkle forever

Apr 26, 2013, 12:33 ET from International Star Registry

CHICAGO, April 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Do you remember the first time you made your mom's eyes light up for Mother's Day? Was it the day you gave her the floppy yellow handful of spring dandelions? Maybe it was that finger painting you made in kindergarten? It might have been the handmade card you worked so hard on, the macaroni necklace, or the little clay soap dish you created for her all by yourself.

But children grow. In what seems like the blink of an eye, moms watch their children go from learning to tie their shoes to learning to drive the car. The magical days of childhood come only once but our moms are always our moms. Now that we are grown mom still deserves something memorable that she will treasure forever. Make Mom's eyes light up again this year. Honor her with a gift that shines forever, name a star for her.

International Star Registry introduced the world to the idea of naming stars back in 1979 and since that time they have named more than 2 million stars for moms and other special people worldwide. This is a good time to let your mother know that she has always been a star to you.

Starting at just $54 she will receive a beautiful full-color parchment certificate of record, a sky chart pinpointing the location of the star you've named, and a fascinating booklet about astronomy. Your mom's star name and her unique telescopic coordinates will be recorded in the book YOUR PLACE IN THE COSMOS, VOLUME 9 which will be published and copyrighted this this year.  Using this catalog, your family will be able to find her special star in the sky for generations to come.

Childhood is fleeting, but like your love for your mother, when you name a star through International Star Registry your gift will shine forever.

Call (800)282-3333 or visit  to see the full range of products and options including numerous framing, professional hand calligraphy, and exquisite custom engraved sterling silver jewelry. Put some twinkle in her sky with the gift that shines above all others.

SOURCE International Star Registry