Global Alcoholic Beverages Industry

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Global Alcoholic Beverages Industry

The global outlook series on Alcoholic Beverages provides a collection of statistical findings, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings. Amply illustrated with market data, tables, charts, and graphs, the report covers United States, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa. European markets briefly discussed include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Ukraine, among others. Asian and Latin American markets covered include Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela, among others. Also included is a directory listing of addresses, and contact details of 920 companies worldwide.

1. OVERVIEW 1Introduction 1Market Outlook 2High Growth Potential in Emerging Markets 2Expansions and Consolidations Expected to Increase 2On-Trade Sales to Become Increasingly Significant 2Table 1: Global Market for Alcoholic Beverages byGeographic Region-US, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest ofWorld Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual SalesFigures in US$ Billion for 2010 thorough 2015 3

Table 2: Global Alcoholic Beverages Market (2011 & 2015):

Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales by Geographic Region

-US, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World 4

Major Factors Impacting Demand 4

Tax Impositions and Drinking Habits 4

Influence of Culture and Tradition 5

Influence of Lifestyle 5

Impact of Tourism 6

Growing Health Concerns 6

General Health Benefits of Alcoholic Beverages 7

Influence of Wealth 7

Market Trends 8

Evolving Alcohol Market Creates New Opportunities for

Manufacturers 8

Alcohol Manufacturing Giants On a Roll 8

Flavored Alcohol Popularizes 8

Product Innovation to Lure Young Adults 8

Major Issues 9

Issues Affecting the Global Alcohol Beverage Industry 9

Contraband and Parallel Trade 9

Underage Drinking 11

Excessive Alcohol Consumption and Liver Cirrhosis 11

Advertising 12

Drunken Driving 12

Segment Review 13

Wines 13

Red Wines to Account for the Highest Number of New Launches 13

Key Statistics 13

Table 3: Global Wine Market (2010): Per Capita Consumption

of Wine in Liters by Country- France, Italy, the US,

Australia, China and India 13

Table 4: Global Wine Market Share (2010): PercentageBreakdown of Volume Sales of Duty Free Wine by Category -Still Light Wine, Champagne, Vermouth, Sherry, Port, andOthers 14World Wine Market (2010): Top 10 Wine Manufacturing Nations(in '000 Liters) 14Table 5: Global Still Wine Market (2010): PercentageBreakdown of Volume Sales by Country-US, Italy, France,Germany, China, UK, Argentina, Spain, Russia, Portugal andOthers 14World Wine Market (2010): Top 10 Wine Consuming Nations ('000 Liters) 15Beer 15Beer and RTDs on a High 15World Beer Market (2010): Top 10 Beer Manufacturing Countries 15Premium Beer Market - Global Overview 16Innovation to Play a Key Role in Driving Sales of Premium Beer 16Spirits 16Growing Trend Towards Premium Products 16Product Innovations Anticipated to Drive Sales in the SpiritsIndustry 17Rising Popularity of Alternatives 17Brandy Trends Across the World 17Per Capita Consumption and Expenditure 18Spirits Production: A Brief Overview 18Imports and Exports 19Distribution of Spirits: Off-Trade Vs On-Trade 20Sales through Duty-Free Outlets 21Packaging: Glass Format Continues to Dominate 22Taxation on Spirits 22Key Statistics 24Table 6: Major Brands in the Global Liquor Market by Sales(2009) (In US$ Million) 24Table 7: Global Spirits Market (2010): Percentage Breakdownof Volume Sales of Duty-free Liquor by Type - ScotchWhiskey, Vodka, Liqueurs, Cognac/ Armagnac, Rum, Gin,Tequila, and Others 24

Table 8: Global Brown Spirits Market (2010): Percentage

Breakdown of Volume Sales by Segment - Whiskey, Rum, and

Brandy 25

Table 9: Global Brown Spirits Market (2010): PercentageBreakdown of Dollar Sales by Segment - Whiskey, Rum, andBrandy 25

Table 10: Global White Spirits Market (2010): Percentage

Breakdown of Volume Sales by Segment - Vodka, Gin, and Rum 25

Table 11: Global White Spirits Market (2010): PercentageBreakdown of Dollar Sales by Segment - Vodka, Gin, and Rum 26






1a. UNITED STATES 53Overview of the US Alcohol Beverage Market 53Table 12: US Alcoholic Beverages Market Analysis by ProductSegment - Spirits, Beer, Wine and Others IndependentlyAnalyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Billion for Years2010 through 2015 54

Table 13: US Alcoholic Beverages Market (2011 & 2015):

Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales by Product Segment

Spirits, Beer, Wine and Others 55

Overview of Spirits Market 55

Whiskey and Its Status in the US 55

US: the New Leader in Global Wine Consumption 56

Perspective of Beer Industry 56

Lenient Tax Policies On Beer to Drive Sales 56

Market Scenario 56

Alcohol as a Cooking Ingredient 56

Off-trade Sales Balance Out Effects Recession 57

Spirits to Make a Comeback Post Recession 57

Rum Bars to Drive Rum Sales 57

Beer Production Continues to Decline in 2011 57

Competitive Scenario 57

Factors Delineating Fragmentation 57

Private Labels: A Prosperous Sector During Recession 58

Market Conditions 58

Red Wine Sales Increases 58

Growing Influence of Latin Culture 58

Growth in Super-Premium Products 59

Growing Popularity of Liqueurs in Younger Population 59

Declining Demand for Gin and Whiskey 60

Measures Adopted by Manufacturers to Improve Earnings Post

Recession 60

Pricing Trends 60

Packaging Trends 61

New Product Trends 61

Retail Trends and Popular Packaging Formats 62

Table 14: US Alcoholic Beverage Market (2010): Percentage

Breakdown of Volume Sales of Alcoholic Beverages by

Distribution Channles-Supermarkets/ Hypermarkets,

Convenience Stores, On-trade and Others 63

Regulatory Overview 63

Regulations on Advertising 63

Regulations on Opening Hours 63

Regulations on Drunken Driving 64

Regulations on Underage Drinking 64

Regulations on Distribution 65

Taxation on Distilled Spirits 65

Contraband Trade 66

Parallel Trade 66

Functions of BATF 66

Vodka Market 66

Market Players 67

Brown, White and Specialty Spirits market 67

Spirits - Market Conditions 68

Tequila - A Variable Market 68

Market Players 68

Competition 69

Table 15: Private Label Beer Market in the US (2009): Sales

in Volume (Thousands of Nine Liter Cases) and Value (US$

Million) by Product Type - Imported, Micro/Craft, and

Domestic Sub-Premium 69

Table 16: Private Label Spirits Market in the US (2010):Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales and Value by ProductType - Domestic Vodka, Rum, North American Whiskey, DomesticGin, Tequila, Imported Vodka, Domestic Brandy, ScotchWhiskey, and Cognac 69

Table 17: Leading Domestic Beer Brands in the US by Sales

(2009) (In US$Million) 70

Table 18: Leading Individual Spirit Brands in the US (2010)(Sales in US$ Million) 70

Table 19: Leading Individual Wine Brands in the US (2009):

Sales in US$ Million for Yellow Tail, Sutter Home, Franzia,

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi, K-J Vintners Reserve, Carlo

Rossi, Barefoot, Beringer, Livingston Cellars, And Clos Du

Bois 71

Table 20: US Ready-to-drink/ High-strength Pre-mixes Market(2010): Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales By Brands-Mike's Hard Beverage, Sparks, Bacardi Silver, Smirnoff Ice,Bartles & Jaymes, Smirnoff, Seagram's Coolers, SmirnoffTwisted V Green Apple, Smirnoff Twisted V Watermelon,Smirnoff Twisted V Wild Grape and Others 71

Trade Statistics 72

Table 21: US Beer Market (2010):Percentage Breakdown of Value

Exports to Destination Countries -Canada, Mexico, Paraguay,

Panama, Chile, Taiwan, Australia, South Korea, UK, UAE and

Others 72

Table 22: US Wine Market (2010):Percentage Breakdown of ValueExports to Destination Countries-Canada, UK, Hong Kong,Japan, Italy, Germany, China, France, Switzerland (excludingLiechenstein), Belgium and Others 72

Table 23: US Spirits Market (2010):Percentage Breakdown of

Value Exports to Destination Countries - Canada, UK, Germany,

Mexico, Australia, Netherlands, France, Japan, Spain, Italy

and Others 73

Table 24: US Beer Market (2010):Percentage Breakdown of ValueImports by Country of Origin - Mexico, Netherlands, Canada,Belgium, Germany, Ireland, UK, Jamaica, Italy, DominicanRepublic and Others 73

Table 25: US Wine Market (2010):Percentage Breakdown of Value

Imports by Country of Origin - Italy, France, Australia,

Chile, Argentina, Spain, New Zealand, Germany, Portugal,

South Africa and Others 74

Table 26: US Spirits Market (2010): Percentage Breakdown ofValue Imports by Country of Origin - France, UK, Mexico,Sweden, Ireland, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Russiaand Others 74

1b. CANADA 75

Overview 75

Table 27: Canada Alcoholic Beverage Market (2010) -

Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales by Product Type Beer,

Wine, Spirits and Others 75

Table 28: Canada Alcoholic Beverage Market (2010): Breakdownof Per Capita Consumption by Product Type-Beer, Wine,Coolers and Spirits 76

Table 29: Whiskey Market in Canada (2010): Percentage Share

of Value Sales by Product Category - Canadian Whiskey,

Blended Scotch Whiskey, Single Malt Scotch Whiskey,

Bourbon/Other US Whiskey, and Irish Whiskey 76

Table 30: Major Whiskey Brands in Canada (2009): PercentageBreakdown of Volume Sales by Brand for Crown Royal, BlackVelvet, Canadian Mist and Others 76Influence of Brand Loyalty 77Canadian Wine Industry 77Liquor Boards in Canada 77Wines Register Highest Sales Growth Among Alcoholic Drinks 77Beer Dominance Fades 78Trends in Packaging 78Table 31: Canada Packaged Beer Market (2010): PercentageShare Breakdown of Packaged Beer by Packaging Format- LargeBottles, Small Bottles and Cans 78Trends in New Product Introductions 78Trends in Distribution 78Imports and Exports 79Regulatory Overview 79Regulations on Advertising 79Regulations on Opening Hours 79Regulations on Drunken Driving 80Taxes on Wine 80Taxation on Spirits 80Contraband and Parallel Trade 80Trade Statistics 81Table 32: Canada Beer Market (2010): Breakdown of ValueExports in US$ Milllion by Destination Countries 81

Table 33: Canada Wine Market (2010): Breakdown of Value

Exports by Destination Countries-US, China, Hong Kong, South

Korea, UK, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, France

and Others (in US$ Million) 81

Table 34: Canada Spirits Market (2010): Breakdown of ValueExports in US$ Million by Destination Countries-US, UK,Germany, Vietnam, Sweden, Japan, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Hungary,Finland and Others 81

Table 35: Canada Beer Market (2010): Breakdown of Value

Imports by Country of Origin -Netherlands, US, Mexico,

Belgium, UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, France, Czech

Republic and Others (in US$ Million) 82

Table 36: Canada Wine Market (2010): Breakdown of ValueImports by Country of Origin -France (incl. Monaco, FrenchAntilles), Italy, US, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Spain, NewZealand, Portugal, South Africa and Others 82

Table 37: Canada Spirits Market (2010): Breakdown of Value

Imports by Country of Origin -US, UK, France, Ireland,

Mexico, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Jamaica, Russia and Others

(In US$ Million) 83

2. JAPAN 84Overview 84Table 38: Japanese Alcoholic Beverages Market (2010):Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales by ProductGroup/Segment - Brown Spirits (Whiskey, Rum and Brandy),White Spirits (Vodka, Gin and Rum), Liqueurs & OtherSpecialties, and Others 84Market Trends 84Beer in Japan 84Whiskey Sales Recoil Despite Recession 85Growing Popularity of Spirits Used for Mixers and Cocktails 85Growing Number of Women Consumers 85Economic Crisis and Under-population Hit the Japanese AlcoholBeverage Industry 85Trends in Pricing 86Trends in Packaging 86Trends in Distribution 86Regulatory Overview 87Regulations on Advertising 87Regulations on Opening Hours 87Regulations on Drunken Driving 87The Liquor Licensing Law 87Taxation on Spirits 88Impact of Contraband/Parallel Trade 88Issues Concerning Alcohol Abuse 88

3. EUROPE 89

Overview 89

Overview of the European Alcoholic Beverage Market 89

A Shift in Consumer Preferences 89

Per Capita Consumption and Expenditure in Western Europe 89

Per Capita Consumption and Expenditure in Eastern Europe 90

Spike in Beer Tax, Imperils Economic Recovery 90

Champagne Sales Increase in 2010 91

Key Statistics 91

Table 39: European Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis

For Alcoholic Beverages By Geographic Region-France,

Germany, Italy, UK and Rest of Europe Markets Independently

Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Billion for 2010

thorough 2015 91

Table 40: European Alcoholic Beverage Market (2011 &2015)-Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales by Country/Region for the France, Germany, Italy, UK and Rest ofEurope 92

Table 41: Europe Beer Market (2010):Breakdown of Per Capita

Beer Consumption in Liters by Countries- Czech Republic,

Germany, Austria, Ireland, UK and Belgium 92

Table 42: Europe Wine Market (2010): Breakdown of Per CapitaWine Consumption in Liters by Countries-France, Italy,Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Australia,New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Sweden and US 93Europe Spirits Market (2009): Top 5 Spirit ManufacturingCountries (in '000 hectoliters) 93Trade Statistics 93European Spirits Exports Scenario 93Europe Spirits Market (2010): Top 10 Export Markets forEuropean Spirits 94Table 43: European Spirits Market (2010): PercentageBreakdown of Volume Exports by Type-Whiskey, Vodka,Brandy, Other White Spirits, Flavored Spirits and Under 15%Alcohol Drinks 94

Table 44: European Spirits Market (2010): Percentage

Breakdown of Market Share of Volume Imports by Type- Other

White Spirits, Whiskey, Vodka, Flavored Spirits, Brandy and

Under 15% Alcohol Drinks 94

3a. AUSTRIA 95Overview 95Declining Overall Volume Sales 95Major Growing Sub-Segments 95Competitive Scenario 95Trends in Distribution 95Regulatory Overview 96

3b. BELGIUM 97

Overview 97

Premium Products Offset Declines in Whiskey 97

Declining Genièvre Sales 97

Competitive Scenario 97

Trends in Distribution 97

3c. BULGARIA 98Overview 98Domestic Manufacturers Dominate 98Bulagrian Beer Consumption Declines 98Packaging Trends 98Trends in Distribution 98Parallel and Contraband Trade: A Major Issue 99


Overview 100

High Consumption Levels 100

Competitive Scenario 100

Trends in Distribution 100

Regulatory Environment 100

Regulations on Advertising 100

Regulations on Opening Hours 100

Regulations Regarding Packaging and Label 100

Parallel and Contraband Trade 101

3e. DENMARK 102Overview 102Maturing Beer Markets 102White Spirits: The Fastest Growing Segment 102Trend towards Premium Products 102Trends in Distribution 102Regulatory Overview 102Regulations on Advertising 102Regulations on Drunken Driving 103Taxation on Spirits 103Parallel and Contraband Trade 103

3f. ESTONIA 104

Overview 104

Decline of Beer and Vodka Exports 104

3g. FINLAND 105Overview 105Spirits: A Controlled Sector 105Low Alcohol Beverages' Sales Witness Slump in Sales 105Trends in Distribution 105Regulatory Overview 105Regulations on Advertising 105Regulations on Drunken Driving 106Taxation on Spirits 106Trade Statistics 106Table 45: Finland Alcoholic Beverages Market (2010):Percentage Breakdown of Volume Exports by Product Type-Beer,Long Drinks, Wine, Spirits, Cider and Intermediates 106

3h. FRANCE 107

Overview 107

Whiskey and White Spirits Drive Growth 107

Tequila Hit by the Agave Crisis 108

France to Retain No.1 Spot 108

Cognac Enjoys Strong Growth 108

French Wine Producers Team Up to Introduce National Brand 108

Competitive Scenario 109

Trends in Pricing 109

Trends in Packaging 109

Trends in Distribution 109

Regulatory Overview 110

Regulations on Advertising 110

Regulations on Drunken Driving 110

Taxation on Distilled Spirits 110

Table 46: French Alcoholic Beverages Market (2010):

Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales by Product

Group/Segment - Brown Spirits (Whiskey, Rum and Brandy),

White Spirits (Vodka, Gin and Rum), Liqueurs & Other

Specialties, and Others 111

3i. GERMANY 112Overview 112Table 47: German Alcoholic Beverages Market (2010):Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales by ProductGroup/Segment - Brown Spirits (Whiskey, Rum and Brandy),White Spirits (Vodka, Gin and Rum), Liqueurs & OtherSpecialties, and Others 112Steady Downward Trend in Beer Market 112Declining Consumption Levels 113Soft Spirits Exhibit Declining Trend 113Competitive Scenario 113Table 48: Leading Players in the German Alcoholic BeveragesMarket (2010): Sales in € Million for Radeberger Gruppe KG,InBev deutschland GmbH, Brau Holding International GmbH &Co.KgaA, Eckes spirituosen &wein GmbH, and Gorbatschow wodkaKG 114Pricing Trends 114Packaging Trends 115Distribution Trends 115Regulatory Overview 116Regulations on Advertising 116Regulations on Drunken Driving 116Taxation of Spirits 116Governmental Efforts to Curb Consumption Levels 116Contraband and Parallel Trade: A Major Issue 117

3j. GREECE 118

Overview 118

Female Consumers Drive Cream Liqueurs 118

The Seasonality Aspect 118

Global Players Dominate 118

Packaging Trends 118

Regulatory Overview 118

Regulations on Advertising 118

Regulations on Drunken Driving 119

Taxation on Spirits 119

3k. HUNGARY 120Overview 120Dominance of Domestic Products 120Competitive Scenario 120Packaging Trends 121Regulatory Environment 121Regulations on Advertising 121Regulations on Drunken Driving 121Parallel and Contraband Trade 121

3l. IRELAND 122

Overview 122

Irish Alcohol Market 122

Table 49: Ireland Alcoholic Beverage Market (2010):

Percentage Breakdown of Consumption by Product Category-

Beer, Wine, Spirits and Cider 122

Table 50: Ireland Alcoholic Beverage Market (2010):Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales by ProductSegment-Beer, Wine, Spirits and Cider 122Beer: The Clear Favorite 122Smirnoff: The Leading Vodka Brand 123Bacardi Dominates White Rum 123Tequila and Cream Liqueurs: Niche Sectors 123Irish Cider Industry 1232010: A Year of Consolidation and Stabilization 123Competitive Scenario 124Trends in Distribution 124Wine Industry in Ireland 124Off-trade Wine Sales Share Continues to Decline 124Major Issues 125Underage Drinking 125Parallel and Contraband Trade 125Regulatory Overview 125Regulations on Advertising 125Regulations on Opening Hours 126Regulations on Drunken Driving 126Taxation on Spirits 126Trade Statistics 127Table 51: Ireland Table Wine Market (2010): PercentageBreakdown of Imports by Origin Country-Australia, Chile,France, US, South Africa, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Germany,Argentina, Portugal and Others 127

3m. ITALY 128

Overview 128

Table 52: Italian Alcoholic Beverages Market (2010):

Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales by Product Group/Segment

- Brown Spirits (Whiskey, Rum and Brandy), White Spirits

Vodka, Gin and Rum), Liqueurs & Other Specialties, and Others 128

Rising Popularity of Dark Rum 128

Declining Popularity of Flavored Vodka 129

Bourbon Witnessing Growth 129

Growing Trend towards Super-Premium Single Malt Products 129

Rising Popularity of Imported Brandy 129

Cognac Reflects Trends in Brandy 130

Liqueurs Still Popular 130

Competitive Scenario 131

Market Trends 131

Changing Consumption Patterns 131

Rising Trend Towards Low Alcohol Drinks 131

Pricing Trends 131

Packaging Trends 132

Trends in Distribution 132

Regulatory Overview 132

Regulations on Advertising 132

Other Regulations 133

Taxation on Spirits 133

3n. NORWAY 134Overview 134Spirits Consumption: Fashion Driven 134Popularity of Aquavit 134Alcoholic Beverage Industry Unaffected by Recession 134Competitive Scenario 134Packaging Trends 134Trends in Distribution 135Regulatory Overview 135Regulations on Advertising 135Regulations on Drunken Driving 135Parallel and Contraband Trade 135

3o. POLAND 136

Overview 136

Declining Volume Sales 136

Trend Towards Premium Products 136

Mixers, Cocktails and Other Spirits Remain Unpopular 136

Popularity of Nalewkas 136

Packaging Trends 136

Trends in Distribution 136

Regulatory Environment 137

Regulations on Advertising 137

Restrictions in On-trade Licensing 137

Regulations on Drunken Driving 137

Taxation on Spirits 137

Parallel and Contraband Trade 138

3p. PORTUGAL 139Overview 139Blended Scotch Dominates the Whiskey Sub-Segment 139Single Malts Drive the Whiskey Sub-Segment 139Brandy and Cognac Exhibit Declining Trend 139Competitive Scenario 139Packaging Trends 139Trends in Distribution 140

3q. ROMANIA 141

Overview 141

Spirits Sales Decline 141

Branding Gains Acceptance 141

Local Manufacturers Dominate 141

Packaging Trends 141

Trends in Distribution 142

Parallel and Contraband Trade 142

3r. RUSSIA 143Overview 143Russian Vodka Market Poised to Grow 143Beer Production Forecast to Decline 143Premium Products 143Domestic Players Foray into Cream Liqueurs 144Table 53: Alcoholic Beverages Market in Russia (2009):Production in Decaliters by Product Type - Beer, Grape Wine,Sparkling Wine, Brandy, and Fruit Wine 144Competitive Scenario 144Packaging Trends 144Revival of the Glass Tare Packaging 144Trends in Distribution 145Regulatory Environment 145Regulations on Advertising 145Regulations on Opening Hours 145Taxation on Spirits 145Parallel and Contraband Trade 146Table 54: Russian Alcoholic Beverages Market (2010):Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales by Product Group/Segment- Brown Spirits (Whiskey, Rum and Brandy), White Spirits(Vodka, Gin and Rum), Liqueurs & Other Specialties, andOthers 146


Overview 147

High Consumption Levels 147

Spirits: Relatively Stable 147

Packaging Trends 147

Trends in Distribution 147

Regulatory Environment 148

Regulations on Advertising 148

Parallel and Contraband Trade 148

3t. SPAIN 149Overview 149Whiskey: The Largest Variety 149Dark Rum Exhibits Strong Performance 149Vodka: Another Growth Driver 149Traditional Spirits Losing Out 150Sluggishness in Brandy Sales 150Tequila: On-Trade Sales Drives Growth 150Contrasting Trends in the Liqueurs Segment 150Market Trends 151Younger Consumers Drive Growth in Certain Sub-Segments 151Healthy Economy Drives the Trend Towards Premium Products 151Impact of Price Polarizations 151Rising Trend towards Non-Alcoholic Habits 151Pricing Trends 152Packaging Trends 152Trends in Distribution 152Regulatory Overview 153Regulations on Advertising 153Regulations on Opening Hours 153Taxation on Spirits 153Table 55: Spanish Alcoholic Beverages Market (2010):Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales by ProductGroup/Segment - Brown Spirits (Whiskey, Rum and Brandy),White Spirits (Vodka, Gin and Rum), Liqueurs & OtherSpecialties, and Others 154

3u. SWEDEN 155

Overview 155

Premium Products: The In-Thing 155

Influence of Fashion 155

Popularity of Traditional Drinks 155

Table 56: Sweden Alcoholic Beverage Market (2010): Breakdown

by Per Capita Consumption by Type-Spirits, Wine, Strong

Beer, Medium Strength Beer, Cider and Mixed Drinks and

Others 156

Packaging Trends 156

Regulatory Overview 156

Regulations on Advertising 156

Regulations on Distribution 157

Regulations Regarding Opening Hours 157

Regulations on Drunken Driving 157

Parallel and Contraband Trade 157

3v. SWITZERLAND 158Overview 158The Trend Towards Premium Products 158Influence of Fashion 158Packaging Trends 158Trends in Distribution 158Regulatory Overview 159Regulations on Advertising 159Regulations on Opening Hours 160Regulations on Drunken Driving 160


Overview 161

Alcoholic Beverage Market Remains Relatively Unaffected by

Recession 161

Popularity of Jenever 161

Whiskey: Premium Products Drive Growth 161

Liqueurs Exhibit Declining Trend 162

Rum Exudes Strong Performance 162

Vodka Entirely Imported 162

Remy Martin Leads Cognac 162

Low Alcohol Drinks On A High 162

Competitive Scenario 162

Trends in Distribution 162

Regulations on Advertising 163

Regulations on Opening Hours 163

Regulations on Drunken Driving 163

Taxation on Spirits 164

3x. THE UNITED KINGDOM 165Overview 165Eco-friendly Beer Breweries in the UK 165Optimistic Future for the UK Wine Industry 165Demand for Organic Alcohol on Rise 165White Spirits Market Scenario 166Table 57: White Spirits Market in the UK (2009): PercentageBreakdown of Value Sales by Category - Vodka, Gin, WhiteRum,and Others 166Agave Crisis Restricts Tequila Growth 166Spike in Excise Tax Increases Prices of Wine and Spirits 166Other Liqueurs Dominate the Liqueurs Segment 166Rum Exhibiting Declining Trend 167Cider: A Popular On-trade Summer Drink 167Influence of Consumption Habits 167On-Trade Beer Sales Decline 168Regional Variations in Consumption 168Table 58: UK Alcoholic Beverages Market (2010): PercentageBreakdown of Total Production Share by Type-Beer, Spirits,Wine, Cider & Perry and Coolers and RTDs 169

Table 59: Beer and Cider Market in the UK (2010) Percentage

Breakdown of Value Sales by Product Type - Lager, Ale,

Cider, and Stout 169

Competitive Scenario 169

Beer Tax Flattens Out Overall Beer Sales 170

Packaging Trends 170

Major Issues 170

Contraband and Parallel Trade 170

Alcohol Abuse 171

Regulatory Environment 171

Regulations on Advertising 171

Regulations on Opening Hours 172

Regulations on Drunken Driving 172

Taxation on Spirits 173

3y. TURKEY 174Overview 174Beer Dominates the Alcoholic Drinks Segment 174Tourism Drives Market Growth 174Raki: The Largest Variety 174Bourbon Exhibits High Growth 174Vodka Dominates White Spirits 174Trends in Distribution 175Regulatory Overview 175Regulations on Distribution 175Regulations on Advertising 175Regulations on Opening Hours 175Regulations on Drunken Driving 176Taxation on Spirits 176Parallel and Contraband Trade 176

3z. UKRAINE 177

Overview 177

Wine Market Overview and Legal Framework 177

Exports of Alcohol Wanes 177

Beer Market to Register A Spike in Sales 177

Popularity of Vodka 177

Robust Brandy Sales 178

Illegal Spirits: A Major Issue 178

Packaging Trends 178

Trends in Distribution 179

Regulatory Environment 179

Regulations on Advertising 179

Taxation on Spirits 179

Parallel and Contraband Trade 180

4. ASIA-PACIFIC 181Overview of the Asian Alcoholic Beverage Market 181Per Capita Consumption and Expenditure 181Asia-Pacific to Emerge As a Growing Market for AlcoholicBeverages 182Asia-Pacific: Largest Beer Market 182


Overview 183

Australia: More of an Importer than a Producer 183

Whiskey: The Largest Sub-Segment 183

Vodka Drives White Spirits 183

Factors Inhibiting Growth 184

Rise in Sales of Imported Wines 184

Market Trends 184

Consolidation of Retail Business 184

Quality Wine Production Anticipated in 2011Despite

Unfavorable Weather Conditions 185

Australia Wine Market (2010): Top 20 Wine Producers By Volume 185

Table 60: Australian Wine Market (2010): Percentage

Breakdown of Volume Sales by Type-Fortified, Table,

Sparkling, Carbonated and Other Wine Products 186

Table 61: Australia Wine Market (2010): PercentageBreakdown of Volume Sales by Country- Australia, NewZealand, Germany, UK, China, Canada, US and Others 186Ready-to-drink and Premixed Beverages in High Spirits 186Trends in Distribution 186Regulatory Overview 187Regulations on Advertising 187Regulations on Drunken Driving 187Regulations on Legal Age for Drinking 187Taxation on Distilled Spirits 187Table 62: Australian Alcoholic Beverages Market (2010):Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales by ProductGroup/Segment - Brown Spirits (Whiskey, Rum and Brandy),White Spirits (Vodka, Gin and Rum), Liqueurs & OtherSpecialties, and Others 188Trade Statistics 189Wine Exports Scenario in Australia 189Table 63: Australia Wine Market (2010): Percentage Breakdownof Volume Exports by Wine Type-Still (Red and White),Sparkling, Fortified, Carbonated and Others 189

Table 64: Australia Wine Market (2010): Percentage Breakdown

of Exports in Volume Terms by Destination Country-UK, USA,

Canada, China, Germany, New Zealand and Others 189

Table 65: Australian Wine Market (2010): PercentageBreakdown of Volume Imports by Origin Country-New Zealand,France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Others 190


Overview 191

Consumer Awareness Impacts Sales of High Alcohol Spirits 191

Wine Sales Up 191

Factors Inhibiting Growth 191

Competitive Scenario 191

Regulatory Environment 192

Regulations on Advertising 192

Regulations on Opening Hours 192

Regulations on Drunken Driving 193

4c. CHINA 194Overview 194Historic Review of the Chinese Beer Industry 194Current Analysis of the Alcoholic Beverage Industry in China 194Parallel Trade Restricts Growth of Imported Brands 195Highly Fragmented Market 195China: Fastest Growing Beer Market 195Imported Spirits Exhibit Declining Trend During Recession 195Recovery of the Premium Spirits Market Anticipated PostRecession 196Low/Non-Alcohol Drinks - Major Threat to Spirits Market 196Sales of Imported Spirits Reflect Regional Development 196China: the World's Fastest Growing Wine Market 196Per Capita Consumption High in Northern Regions 197Retail Trends in the Chinese Alcohol Beverage Industry 197China Alcohol Beverage Market (2010): Top 7 Off-Trade SalesFormats 198Glass Dominates the Spirits Packaging Market 198Distribution Scenario 198Key Statistics 198Table 66: China Alcoholic Beverage Market (2010): PercentageBreakdown of Volume Sales by Product Type-Beer, Wine andSpirits 198

Table 67: China Alcoholic Beverage Market (2010): Percentage

Breakdown of Value Sales by Product Category-Beer, Wine,

Spirits and Others 199

Table 68: China Beer Market (2010): Percentage Breakdown ofVolume Sales in Millions of Liters by Brands Snow,Tsingtao,Yanjing, Harbin (Anheuser- Busch InBev NV),Zhujiang, Hans, Jinxing, Liquan, Sedrin (Anheuser-BuschInBev NV), Laoshan, Harbin (Anheuser-Busch), Sedrin (InBev)and Others 199

Table 69: China Spirits Market (2010): Percentage Breakdown

of Volume Sales in Millions of Liters BY Brands-Luzhou Lao

Jiao Da Qu, Red Star Er Guo Tou, Jian Nan Chun, Tuo Pai,

Changyu, and Others 200

Table 70: China Still, Light and Grape Wine Market (2010):Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales In Miliions of LitersBy Brands-Great Wall, Changyu, Weilong, Dynasty, Suntime,Shangri-la (Vats Group), Tonghua (Macrolink Group) and Others 200

4d. HONG KONG 201

Overview 201

Impact of Shift in Consumer Preferences 201

Cognac: Ideal During Special Celebrations 201

Competitive Scenario 201

High Duties Affect Premium Products 201

Packaging Trends 201

Trends in Distribution 202

Regulatory Overview 202

Regulations on Advertising 202

Regulations on Intoxicated Driving 202

Taxation on Spirits 202

Illegal Trade 202

4e. INDIA 203Overview 203Indian Alcoholic Beverage Industry Beats Global Recession Blues 203White Spirits Exhibit High Growth 203Other Spirits: A Large But Unorganized Sector 204Whiskey: The Largest Sub-Segment 204Shift in Consumer Preferences 204Domestic Players Lead the Market 205North and South - Major Markets 205Table 71: India Wine Market (2010): Percentage Breakdown ofWine Consumption in Major Cities- Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore,Goa and Others 206India: Fastest Growing Alcoholic Beverage Market 206Packaging Trends 206Rising Popularity of Smaller Packs 206Trends in Distribution 207Regulatory Overview 207Regulations on Advertising 207Restrictions on Distribution 208Regulations on Drunken Driving 208Taxation on Spirits 208Taxes Differ fro

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