Global Analysis of the Hot Melt Adhesives Market

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Global Analysis of the Hot Melt Adhesives Market

Asia-Pacific Market is Likely to Maintain Growth Momentum

This study covers the state of the global hot melt adhesives market, examining drivers and restraints for growth, pricing, legislation, demand, and geographical trends. In addition, an in-depth analysis of the competitors, advantages of hot melts, key base polymer systems used, and hot melt adhesives applications are presented. The base year is 2012 with forecasts from 2013 to 2019. The total hot melt adhesives market is expected to grow at a single-digit rate owing to maturity of the market in the US and Europe. However, growth of reactive and pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives in Asia-Pacific is going to be encouraging given that these adhesives are increasingly becoming used in automotive, tapes, and construction applications.

Executive Summary

• The global hot melt adhesives (HMA) market is expected to grow from $X million in 2012 to $Xmillion in 2019 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of X%.
• Although the contribution of Asia-Pacific market for hot melts is meagre compared to other regions, it is better positioned to have high growth for hot melt formulations.
• Overall, ethylene-vinyl acetate- (EVA) and polyolefin-based HMAs are likely to dominate throughout the forecast period and there is a substitution trend between the X chemistries as supply of their raw material dictates.
• HMA prices will increase, but it will not be a substantial increase as in 2010 and 2011 because of supply shortages and diversion of raw materials to more profitable end markets.
• From the application point of view, packaging and non-rigid bonding will continue to dominate among all end-user applications because of steady growth in these sectors, while automotive, tapes, and construction will have greater growth rates because of higher penetration of reactive and pressure sensitive hot melts.

CEO's Perspective

1. Global HMAs market is likely to expand at a single-digit growth rate.
2. EVA and polyolefins are likely to remain the dominant base polymer chemistries used in hot melts globally.
3. Technological advancements are focusing on extending open times, lowering odour, and enabling lower density and higher green strength.
4. The price of HMAs is likely to increase, but there would be a decrease in the total cost of ownership for the customer.
5. The HMAs market is highly consolidated due to a series of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) that took place in the past X years.


• HMAs are glue formulations that can be applied in a heated (molten) state and, on cooling, form a strong bond with the substrate, which is thermoplastic in nature.
• The market estimation includes the following applications:
- Packaging
- Non-rigid bonding
- Transportation
- Construction
- Woodworking
- Others (mainly includes tapes and artificial turfs)
• The study is restricted to the analysis of polymer HMAs formulations.
• The units used are the kilograms (kg) and kilotonne (kT).

The following regions are considered under geographic scope:
North America (United States and Canada)
Europe (Western and Eastern Europe)
Asia (Japan South Korea Taiwan Southeast Asian Countries Australia and NZ)

Key Questions this Study will Attempt to Answer

• What is the status of the demand for HMAs in different applications?
• What are the regional trends for HMAs? Which regions are faring better?
• What kinds of polymer systems are used in formulating HMAs? What is the growth outlook for such materials?
• What drivers and restraints affect the HMAs market, and how can market participants effectively deal with them?
• How are bio-based HMAs positioned to address the needs of the market?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Market Overview
3. Introduction to Hot Melt Adhesives
4. Total Hot Melt Adhesives Market
• Drivers and Restraints
• Forecasts and Trends
• Market Share and Competitive Analysis
5. North American Hot Melt Adhesives Segment
6. European Hot Melt Adhesives Segment
7. Asia-Pacific Hot Melt Adhesives Segment
8. The Last Word
9. Appendix

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