Global and China Toy Industry Report, 2012

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Global and China Toy Industry Report, 2012

In recent years, impacted by the economic crisis and the structural adjustment of the toy market, the traditional markets such as Europe and the United States have witnessed falling sales revenue, and their proportion in the global toy sales has stabilized or even declined. Emerging markets, including ASEAN, the Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe, have strong demand, and they have gradually become the important destinations for China to export toys. The global toy sales grew to USD83.3 billion in 2011 from USD78.1 billion in 2007, with a CAGR of 1.62%.

The world's leading toy companies Mattel and Hasbro have already entered a relatively mature stage, while Chinese toy companies are embracing its growth period, with huge potentials.

Even with a bright prospect, Chinese toy companies should strengthen their R & D, marketing, and integration of cultural resources.

The report resolves around the followings.

- Development of the global toy market, major countries and the future trends;- Status quo, operating indicators, competition pattern and export market of China toy industry, as well as the existing problems in the industry and suggestions;- Toy-related industries, including plastics industry, animation industry and gaming industry;- Toy sub-industries, including plush toys, wooden toys, plastic toys, electronic toys, educational toys and adult toys;- Operation, revenue structure and development strategy of five global toy producers and eight Chinese toy makers.Preface1 Overview of Toy Industry1.1 Definition and Category1.2 Development Course

2 Global Toy Industry

2.1 Overview

2.2 Major Countries

2.2.1 USA

2.2.2 Japan

2.2.3 France

2.3 Development Trend

2.3.1 The Growth Rate of European and American Toy Markets Will Slow Down

2.3.2 The Toy Market in Emerging Countries Will Be Booming

3 China Toy Industry3.1 Status Quo3.1.1 Development3.1.2 Major Operating Indicators3.1.3 Related Standards and Certification 3.2 Competition Pattern3.3 Export3.3.1 Analysis3.3.3 Predicament3.4 Existing Problems and Suggestions3.4.1 Existing Problems3.4.2 Suggestions

4 Related Industries

4.1 Plastic Industry

4.2 Cartoon & Animation Industry

4.2.1 Introduction

4.2.2 Policy

4.2.3 Market Size

4.2.4 Cartoon

4.2.5 Animation Movie

4.2.6 Development Trend

4.3 Game Industry

5 Sub-industries5.1 Plush Toy5.1.1 Status Quo5.1.2 Development Predicament5.2 Wooden Toy5.2.1 Status Quo5.2.2 Related Certification and Policies5.2.3 Broad Prospect for Domestic Market5.2.4 Development Trend5.3 Plastic Toy5.3.1 Status Quo5.3.2 Market Scale5.3.3 Development Predicament5.4 Electronic Toy5.4.1 Status Quo5.4.2 Supply and Demand5.4.3 Influence of Related Directives on China Electronic Toy Industry5.5 Intellectual Toy5.5.1 Status Quo5.5.2 Export5.5.3 Industry Standards5.5.4 Potential Market Demand5.6 Adult Toy

6 Key Toy Enterprises in China

6.1 Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co., Ltd.

6.1.1 Profile

6.1.2 Development Course

6.1.3 Operation

6.1.4 Revenue Structure

6.1.5 Toy Business

6.1.6 Cooperation with Hasbro

6.1.7 Comprehensive Development

6.2 Xinghui Auto Model Co., Ltd.

6.2.1 Profile

6.2.2 Brand Licensing

6.2.3 Development Course

6.2.4 Operation

6.2.5 Revenue Structure

6.2.6 Gross Margin

6.2.7 R&D Investment

6.2.8 Sales Model

6.2.9 Extension of Upstream and Downstream Industry Chains

6.3 Goldlok Toys Holdings (guangdong) Co., Ltd.

6.3.1 Profile

6.3.2 Operation

6.3.3 Revenue Structure

6.3.4 Gross Margin

6.3.5 Sales Model

6.3.6 R&D Investment

6.3.7 Electronic Toy Projects

6.4 Guangdong Qunxing Toys Joint-stock Co., ltd.

6.4.1 Profile

6.4.2 Main Products

6.4.3 Operation

6.4.4 Revenue Structure

6.4.5 Gross Margin

6.4.6 Electronic and Plastic Toy Production Bases

6.4.7 R&D Investment

6.4.8 Sales Model

6.5 Huawei Technology Co., ltd.

6.5.1 Profile

6.5.2 Main Products

6.5.3 Operation

6.5.4 Revenue Structure

6.5.5 Gross Margin

6.5.6 R&D Investment

6.5.7 "Animation + Toy" Business Model

6.5.8 Major Clients

6.5.9 Major Projects

6.6 Goodbaby International Holdings Limited

6.6.1 Profile

6.6.2 Operation

6.7 Lerado Group

6.7.1 Profile

6.7.2 Operation

6.8 Intex Toys

6.8.1 Profile

6.8.2 Operation

7 Key Toy Enterprises in Foreign Countries7.1 Mattel7.1.1 Profile7.1.2 Operation7.1.3 Launch of New Toys7.2 Hasbro7.2.1 Profile7.2.2 Operation7.2.3 Transformers Business7.2.4 Strategy7.3 Takara TOMY7.3.1 Profile7.3.2 Operation7.3.3 Development in China7.4 LEGO7.4.1 Profile7.4.2 Operation7.4.3 Development in China7.5 BANDAI NAMCO7.5.1 Profile7.5.2 Toy Products7.5.3 Operation7.5.4 Forecast for Operating Indicators7.5.5 Strategy

Selected Charts Global Toy Sales, 2007-2012

Global Toy Sales (by Region), 2010

Toy Sales and Growth Rate in Major Countries, 2011

Best-selling Toys in Major Countries

Toy Sales and YoY Growth Rate in USA, 2003-2011

Toy Sales in USA (by Toy Type), 2003-2011

Toy Sales in Japan, 2007-2011

Sales of Major Toys in Japan, 2010-2011

Toy Sales in France, 2005-2010

Sales Channels of French Toys, 2009

Per Capita Consumption Expenditure of Children in Major Countries, 2010

Per Capita GDP and Growth Rate in China, 1999-2011

Per Capita Consumption Expenditure and Retail Sales of Children's Toys in China

Number of Toy Manufacturers in China, 1999-2012

Revenue and YoY Growth Rate of China Toy Manufacturing Industry, 2000-2012

Total Profit and YoY Growth Rate of China Toy Manufacturing Industry, 2000-2012

Industrial Sales Output Value and Export Delivery Value of China Toy Manufacturing Industry, 2008-2012

Standard Certification in Toy Industry

Ranking of TOP 10 Toy Brands in China, 2012

Contrast between Major Overseas Toy Manufacturers

Contrast between Major Chinese Toy Manufacturers

Revenue and Net Income CAGR of Major Listed Chinese Toy Manufacturers after IPO

Export Value and YoY Growth Rate of Chinese Toys, 2000-2012

Export Value and MoM Growth Rate of Chinese Toys, Jan.-Nov. 2012

"Smiling Curve" of Toy Industry Value

Barriers to EU Toy Market

Toy Sales Channels in Major European Countries, 2008

Toy Sales Channels in China, 2010

R&D Costs and % of Revenue of Mattel, Hasbro and BANDAI NAMCO, 2006-2011

Magazine Barbie

Proportion of Advertising Expenses in Revenue of Major Toy Manufacturers in the World, 2011

Output of Plastic Products in China, 2000-2012

Total Industrial Output Value of China Plastic Product Industry, 2000-2011

Correlative Effects of Cartoon & Animation Industry

Policiy Support for Cartoon & Animation Industry and Effects in Developed Countries

Policiy Support for China Cartoon & Animation Industry

Chinese Cartoon & Animation Market Scale, 2007-2012E

Output and Growth Rate of Local Cartoons in China, 2000-2011

Local Cartoon Market Scale and Growth Rate in China, 20007-2012

Chinese Animation Movie Market Scale and Growth Rate, 2007-2012

Contribution of Animation Movies to Total Box Office in China, 2007-2011

TOP 5 Animation Movies in China (by Box Office), 2008-2011

China Animation Industry Chain

Actual Sales of Game Market in China, 2004-2012

Actual Sales and Growth Rate of PC Online Game Market in China, 2006-2016E

User Number and Utilization of Online Games in China, 2011-2012

Export Value and Growth Rate of Chinese Plush Toys, 2004-2011

Export of Chinese Plush Toys (by Destination), Jan.-Oct. 2012

Global Market Size of Plastic Toys, 2006-2012

Plastic Toy Market Size in China, 2006-2012

Export Value of Chinese Electronic Toys, 2006-2009

TOP10 Export Destinations of Chinese Intellectual Toys, Jan.-Oct. 2012

Development Course of Alpha Animation, 2011-2012

Revenue and Net Income of Alpha Animation, 2009-2012

Revenue of Alpha Animation (by Business), 2010-2012

Revenue of Alpha Animation (by Business), 2012H1

Revenue of Alpha Animation (by Region), 2006-2012

Features and Representative Works of Alpha Animation by Toy Type

Cartoon Images of Alpha Animation

Gross Margin of Toy Business of Alpha Animation, 2009-2012

Business of Alpha Animation

Industry Chain of Alpha Animation

Major Authorized Brands of Xinghui Auto Model

Development Course of Xinghui Auto Model, 2000-2011

Revenue and Net Income of Xinghui Auto Model, 2009-2012

Product Sales Prices of Xinghui Auto Model

Revenue of Xinghui Auto Model (by Business), 2009-2012

Revenue of Xinghui Auto Model (by Region), 2009-2012

Product Gross Margin of Xinghui Auto Model, 2009-2012

R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Xinghui Auto Model, 2009-2012

Marketing Model of Xinghui Auto Model

Xinghui Auto Model's Revenue from Top 5 Clients and % of Total Revenue, 2011

Revenue and Net Income of Goldlok Toys, 2009-2012

Revenue of Goldlok Toys (by Product), 2009-2012

Revenue of Goldlok Toys (by Region), 2009-2012

Gross Margin of Major Products of Goldlok Toys, 2009-2012

Goldlok Toys' Revenue from Top 5 Clients and % of Total Revenue, 2012H1

Designed Capacity of Fund-Raising Projects of Goldlok Toys

Major Products of Qunxing Toys

Revenue and Net Income of Qunxing Toys, 2009-2012

Revenue of Qunxing Toys (by Product), 2008-2012

Revenue of Qunxing Toys (by Region), 2008-2012

Gross Margin of Major Products of Qunxing Toys, 2008-2012

Capacity and Revenue of Production Base for Electronic and Plastic Toys

R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Qunxing Toys, 2008-2011

Major Products of Huawei Technology

Revenue and Net Income of Huawei Technology, 2009-2012

Revenue of Huawei Technology (by Product), 2009-2012

Revenue of Huawei Technology (by Region), 2010-2012

Gross Margin of Major Products of Huawei Technology, 2009-2012

R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Huawei Technology, 2009-2012

Process of "Animation + Toy" Business Model of Huawei Technology

Huawei Technology's Revenue from Top 5 Clients and % of Total Revenue, 2012H1

Fund-Raising Projects of Huawei Technology (by Jun 2012)

Animation Production Projects of Huawei Technology

Marketing Network Projects of Huawei Technology

Major Financial Indicators of Goodbaby International, 2010-2012

Sales of Goodbaby International (by Product), 2010-2012

Sales of Goodbaby International (by Region), 2010-2012

Major Financial Indicators of Lerado Group, 2011H1-2012H1

Revenue and Profit of Lerado Group (by Business), 2012H1

Revenue of Intex Toys, 2007-2009

Revenue of Mattel, 2007-2012

Revenue of Mattel (by Brand), 2007-2012

Performance of Mattel by Brand, 2012Q1-Q3

Revenue Structure of Mattel (by Region), 2011-2012

Revenue of Mattel by Region, 2012Q1-Q3

Gross Margin of Mattel, 2012

Revenue and Net Income of Hasbro, 2009-2012

Revenue and Net Income of Hasbro, 2012Q1-Q3

Revenue of Hasbro (by Product), 2011

Impact of Restored Transformer Business on Performance of Hasbro, 2007, 2009 and 2010

Revenue and Growth Rate of Boy Toys of Hasbro, 2005-2011

Industry Chain of Hasbro

Growth Rates of Revenue and Profit of Hasbro, 1988-2011

Major Operating Indicators of Takara TOMY, FY2005-FY2011

Major Operating Indicators of Takara TOMY, FY2011-FY2012

Net Sales of Takara TOMY (by Region), FY2011-FY2012

Business Expansion of Takara TOMY in China, FY2012H1

Major Toy Products of LEGO

Major Operating Indicators of LEGO, 2007-2011

Development Course of LEGO in China

Business Segments of BANDAI NAMCO

Major Toy Products of BANDAI NAMCO

Net Sales and Net Income of BANDAI NAMCO, FY2008-FY2012

Major Operating Indicators of BANDAI NAMCO, FY2012-FY2013H1

Net Sales of BANDAI NAMCO (by Business), FY2012-FY2013H1

Forecast for Major Operating Indicators of BANDAI NAMCO, FY2013

Forecast for Major Operating Indicators of BANDAI NAMCO (by Business), FY2013

Regional Strategy of BANDAI NAMCO in FY2013H2

Toy Business Strategy of BANDAI NAMCO in FY2013H2

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