Global Consortium of Mobile Thought Leaders Support AppURL Initiative

Aug 02, 2013, 11:44 ET from Quixey

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the AppURL Initiative, an open initiative to connect native apps to the web with http URLs, officially launches. Traditionally, a user has to manually launch an app and manually navigate to the right content within the app. AppURL enables deep linking directly to content inside apps, and works seamlessly across all devices and platforms.


The AppURL Initiative continues to gain industry support from search engines, browsers, carriers, and manufacturers, including Quixey, Gogobot, DuckDuckGo, UCWeb, Hubbl, Blekko, Swrve and Appurify.

How AppURL works
When a user clicks an AppURL link, the right app will launch and automatically display the right in-app content (e.g. information about a specific restaurant), provided that the app is installed on the user's device. If the app is not installed on the user's device, the AppURL link will launch the user's web browser, which will also display the desired content via a page on the app's website.

"Swrve is all about helping app-developers deliver awesome user experiences and maximize in-app revenues," said Hugh Reynolds, CEO of Swrve. "With the rapid convergence of app and online worlds, it is essential that mobile businesses can avail of all the marketing techniques that their cousins in the online world enjoy. The AppURL initiative is a great example of that philosophy in action, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of the targeted in-app marketing campaigns our customers use to drive revenue."

The Benefits of AppURL

  • App Search Optimization
    App search engines can gather more data about each app by crawling in-app URLs. This helps AppURL-enabled apps increase their search ranking.
  • Deep Linking
    Link into a particular state of an app, instead of forcing users to manually navigate from the home screen to their desired content
  • Universal URLs
    AppURL makes http URLs, traditionally used only on the web, work seamlessly for native apps across all platforms and devices

"UCWeb is committed to providing the best mobile browsing experience to users across the globe," said UCWeb CEO Yu Yongfu. "As a leading provider of mobile Internet software technology and application services, we realize the importance of dissolving the traditional separation of apps and websites. The AppURL Initiative is the essential foundation for this paradigm shift. As a market leader in both China and India with explosive growth in other markets, UCWeb will continue to work with innovative partners to better our user experiences."

"Apps naturally want to connect to one another and to the open web," said Liron Shapira, co-founder and CTO of Quixey. "AppURL is the first initiative to bring deep linking to the entire app ecosystem, seamlessly connecting native apps on every platform and device. We are excited that AppURL is rapidly gaining traction with the most prominent search engines, browsers, carriers and manufacturers."

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