Global Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Market to Grow at 28.7% CAGR Till 2018

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The report titled Global Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Market 2014 ( showcases an in-depth analysis of the overall desktops on cloud in terms of market size, segmentation for end-users, geographies, delivery models, cloud environment, competition, market metrics and service provider analysis. This report also forecasts the growth numbers till 2018 (on a YoY basis) and hence suggests the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the estimated period.


The report brings about a detailed description of the developed and emerging markets globally, service providers analysis bracketed as Enterprise/Small and Medium Businesses along with market across each product segment of DaaS (Persistent and Non-persistent, Windows-based DaaS and Linux-based DaaS). A copy of the sample report can be requested at  

Global DaaS Market Overview 

Originally invented and implemented to divide the huge mainframe computers that existed, virtualization was born back in 1960s and took shape only when VMware re-introduced the technology to address the concern of increasing physical infrastructure costs in late-1990s. Although, IBM used the technology to implement it on their servers in the mid-1980s, it was VMware that took it to the masses.

VMware re-introduced the technology to address the concern of increasing physical infrastructure costs in the late 1990s. This was a phase when disaster recovery started gaining importance due to insufficient disaster recovery options, which were proving to be a cause for concern across enterprises.

Expensive infrastructure paved the way for server virtualization which was an instant success resulting in adoption from all quarters of the industry. It was a stepping stone for virtualization to evolve, giving birth to desktop virtualization and VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

DaaS has gradually evolved from the shadows of virtualization to provide cost-effective desktop delivery solutions to end users who are otherwise concerned with the upfront infrastructure investments, which is necessary in case of VDI. While desktop virtualization is also referred to as a DaaS offering, the any device factor plays a major role in the evolution of DaaS.

Global market size of DaaS was just over USD 290 million in 2013. Dominated by specialized firms, the market has been identified by the industry only recently when companies like Amazon, Microsoft, VMware and Citrix (already present) expressed their interest in developing the DaaS portfolio of products; the market is now formally born and validated. Enterprises are now inclined towards understanding the technology and its subsequent adoption rates across the globe.

Segmentations Covered in the Report 

The Global DaaS market is segmented as

  • Category of companies offering DaaS (Information Technology, Computer Software, Telecommunications and Others)
  • Enterprise Partnership (Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Cisco, HP, Dell and Others)
  • By Verticals (Information Technology, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Government, Education, etc.)
  • By type of desktops delivered (Persistent and Non-persistent)
  • By type of OS (Windows and Linux)
  • By type of End Users (Enterprise, Mid-Size and SMB)
  • By Cloud deployment (Public, Private and Hybrid)
  • By Regions (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Japan, Rest of World)

- Forecasts of DaaS Market across 

  • Global Market Size and Forecasts
  • End Users and Verticals
  • Products (Persistent, Non-Persistent, Windows-based, Linux-based)
  • Across regions and end users

Companies discussed in the Global Desktop-as-a-Service Market 2014 research report include Citrix, Getronics, API Systems, tuCloud, RES Software, Telindus Telecom, Fujitsu, Dell, NaviSite, Virtual Bridgs, Xtravirt. To purchase the full report please call +1-408-469-4380 or mail us at

Uniqueness of this Report 

  • In-depth segmentation of the Desktop-as-a-Service market
  • Market drivers, constraints, opportunity and challenges analysed
  • Market Metrics, Trends and Impact analysis for the overall DaaS market and sub-segments
  • Competitive Landscape for each type of DaaS
  • Performance measurement of the leading market participants and gauging them against strategy and competence in the global arena through ResearchFox LAYERS

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