Global Enterprise Content Management Market

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Global Enterprise Content Management Market

This research service provides a detailed Market Engineering analysis of the Enterprise Content Management market, and includes insight into specific industry verticals including Healthcare, Government, and Business & Technology Services segments. This global perspective also examines the ECM value proposition in the North America/Latin America, Asia Pacific, and the Europe/Middle East/Africa regions, and ranks and explains drivers and restraints to each. This study also provides revenue forecasts and a growth analysis for each segment and region, outlines current distribution channels, investigates the competitive landscape, and anticipates upcoming market trends.

Executive Summary
•This market study, which is part of Frost & Sullivan's digital media research service, analyzes the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market which plays a critical role in helping businesses manage and interact with an array of content both within the organization and amongst other content stakeholders such as regulatory bodies and customers.
•This study discusses in detail how evolving ECM functionality, new business data and content management needs, and enterprise preferences towards a dynamic, integrated, organization-wide experience are translating into new business opportunities for the content management market.
•This study also examines the impact these trends and evolving needs have on the ECM market and further provides analysis, forecasts and competitive strategies for survival and growth in this highly innovative and cut-throat market.
•The need to catalogue the plethora of reports, cases, email, memos, chats, marketing collateral, web pages, and internal records—perhaps the most significant assets to any business as it weaves together human, brand, and technological resources—has for decades been a key driving force for the ECM market to invest in improved solutions that allow enterprise users to access such information.
•However with each passing year, the use and utility of those information assets is pushing beyond a simple need to access or manage content, and into the realm where a quantified, qualified and interactive experience—both within the organization itself and with relation to its customers—is an even more compelling case for ECM.
•The ECM vendor, then, has two choices to remain competitive. It can continue to invest in an an all-encompassing solution, expanding out into a comprehensive platform with broad capabilities from deep data dives to mobile communications to collaborative workflow and beyond for a variety of customers around the globe, or it must splinter off to a highly specialized functional focus like Web Content Management or Digital Asset Management or expertly serve a vertical such as energy or construction.
•As the ECM market continues to consolidate, and there remain fewer than two dozen pure-play ECM vendors, there is no in-between. To effectively compete, the ECM vendor must committedly grow to meet the multitude of enterprise needs, or must provide a highly targeted, specialized, best-of-class solution that is both data-driven and interactive.
•The ECM market earned $Xbillion in 2012, and is forecast to rise to nearly $X billion by 2019. The largest verticals within the market today are Government, Healthcare, and Business and Technology Services, with emerging verticals like engineering, financial services and transportation among others poised for rapid growth as market awareness grows and ROI is better understood.


Executive Summary 4
Market Overview 11
Market Engineering Measurements 38
Total Enterprise Content Management Market -
•External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints 46
•Forecast and Trends 66
•Market Share and Competitive Analysis 84
•Industry Trends and Implications 105
Government Segment Breakdown 112
Healthcare Segment Breakdown 120
Business and Technology Services Segment Breakdown 128
Other Verticals Combined Segment Breakdown 136
Hot Company Watchlist 145
The Last Word 151
Appendix 154

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Global Enterprise Content Management Market

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